Version MCPE: 1.4.0 – 1.19.4

3D Weapons Mod for Minecraft PE

3D Combat Weapons Mod for Minecraft - Education Bedrock MCPE

Download the 3D Weapons Mod for Minecraft PE and use upgraded weapons in battles.

3D Weapons Mod for MCPE - 2

The players tend to use a sword, a bow or a trident to fight hostile mobs. But these are not what they need so the manufacturers of Minecraft PE decided to provide modified 3D weapons to make it easier for you to combat.

3D Gun Addon for Minecraft PE

This mod adds impressive pistols, sniper rifles and machine guns. In addition, you can take cartridges if you use the whole clip.

Laser Gun Addon for MCPE

The laser gun addon for MCPE facilitates your survival. You will not have trouble defeating aggressive mobs at all. Moreover, there are endless patrons.

3D Weapons Mod for MCPE - 3

The players can pick up their favourite colours of the weapon: yellow, green, blue or red. All these 4 types of lasers can be made in survival mode. Check out the full list by entering the command /give @s item:lasergun.

Portal Gun for MCPE

3D Weapons Mod for MCPE - 4

3D gun addon for MCPE needs for creating portals through which the players can travel. The cannon can be crafted in survival mode, too. Just build a blue one as it can automatically alter to the orange one if you use it.

By the way, you do not need to spend much time crafting it. Enter the command /give @s item:portal_gun and pick up the appropriate one.