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AirPlane mod for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) opens new possibilities for you! Feel like a real pilot and fly a huge plane in the block world of MCPE! We’ve prepared for you a review of the Airplane add-on for Minecraft PE. Read on, then download the APK installation file and install it in the game.

Airplane mod for Minecraft PE

Airplane mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Airplane mod for Minecraft PE to fly giant vehicles and feel free in the sky.

What does the Airplane mod do in MCPE?

Airplane mod for Minecraft PE - 2

The MCPE block world is lacking in vehicles. Users only have wagons, as well as horses and boats. But to use a carriage requires building an entire railroad system.

Apparently, boats can only move on water, and all that is left is horses. They vary in speed and strength.

Airplane mod for Minecraft PE

There are also overfoils in the cubic world of Minecraft PE, but they do not allow you to take off. With them, the player can only glide through the air. Therefore, there is no air transport here at all.

Airplane mod for MCPE is designed to fix this problem by adding new planes and even helicopters. Players should be able to travel miles without touching the ground.

Military Airplane addon for MCPE

Airplane mod for Minecraft PE - type 3

As you might guess, this unremarkable MCPE addon includes an entire and fully functional warplane that the player can use for their needs.

Since it’s a wartime machine, it fires missiles and destroys literally anything its projectiles hit. It is ideal for capturing and bombarding your enemy’s home.

Its ammunition supply is unlimited. It is essentially the perfect weapon to conquer the world. Users can even summon it in the Underworld. Subsequently, no more ghouls will rule the airspace.

Airplane mod for Minecraft PE - 1

Developers of the Airplane add-on have even introduced additional storage space for things in the plane. Thanks to this, the player can place on board everything he needs for transportation over long distances.

However, this makeshift warehouse occupies only 5 cells. Consequently, it is worth thinking carefully before taking anything with you. The addition replaces the chicken with an airplane.

Thus, the player gets an aircraft at his disposal. He will also need snowballs to launch it, because they act as fuel.

Versions of Minecraft PE that support the Airplane mod

Airplane mod for Minecraft PE - type 4

Minecraft PE player will immediately have at his disposal a vehicle that allows you to move through the airy expanse of the cubic world, as soon as he installs the update of the Airplane mod. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the installation is made only on those versions of Minecraft PE that are compatible with the modification. Thus, the Airplane mod will work fine on versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51.

How do I install Airplane in Minecraft PE?

As a rule, users do not encounter problems in the process of downloading the installation file and its subsequent installation in Minecraft PE. It is quite simple, and the player should only follow the link in order to download the installation file. There is also nothing difficult to open it in the application MCPE.


how to download airplane mod for minecraft pe

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