Best Anime mod for Minecraft PE

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Download the Anime mod for Minecraft PE and populate the vast expanses of cubic universe with beautiful girls, and make friends or engage in a life-or-death battle.


anime mod minecraft pe

The anime mod for MCPE will appeal to all fans of Japanese comics. The variety of appearance and the uniqueness of the abilities will bring even more exciting moments in the gameplay. The player will easily find a common language with the girls. But you should be careful, because some mobs can greet you not with a friendly handshake, but with a shot of fireballs.

Cute Model Anime Mobs

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This Anime mod (Cute Model Mobs) adds beautiful animated girls to the block MCPE world. They replace the existing mobs in your inventory. Therefore, it will be easy to guess by the girls’ appearance who they are replacing.

Girls appear in swamp and forest biomes, as well as in the Lower World. Despite the beauty and cute appearance of the mobs, the player needs to be careful. Not all of them are friendly.

Among the new characters, Steve may also encounter a hostile mob that he will have to fight. Ghost Sister becomes one of the strongest enemies in the cubic world. She is very similar to Blaze.

A strong girl with a health of 20 units attacks players with fireballs. The ghost or ghost sister does not like players or animals.

These mobs are only available in single player mode. If the player turns on multiplayer mode, the mobs will not be visible to other players.


Anime addon for Minecraft PE

This addition adds about 20 girls from the most famous anime comics to the game space. It’s doubly nice to see beautiful cuties, because in the classic game world before the Anime MCPE mod there were no female monsters.

Anime mod for Minecraft PE

Any girl can be tamed. To do this, Steve will need a poppy. He just needs to present this beautiful flower like a true gentleman. The tame girl will follow the player and protect him from danger in adventurous journeys around the world.

There is a special menu for controlling the mobs. It opens if the player sits down next to the girl and holds down the button on her. In a pop-up window, you can select the desired action. It is possible to view the health level, activate the attack mode, or simply disable the mob so that it stops following Steve.

For which versions of Minecraft PE is the update of the Anime mod?

Anime mod MCPE

The block universe can become much more beautiful if its territory will appear representatives of the fair sex. Anime mod will add them to the game, but only if it is installed on versions of Minecraft PE that support it.

These versions include:

  • 1.12.0 – 1.19.50 – for the Cute Mob Models addon.
  • 1.14.0 – 1.19.50 – for the Waifus addon.

How to install the anime mod for Minecraft PE?

Anime mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The installation of the anime mod for Minecraft PE can not be called complicated. The process is simple, and any player can do it, even if they have never done it before. First, the installation file is downloaded, and then it is opened in MCPE.

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