Experience the Exclusive Aphmau Map for Minecraft PE: Explore the Famous YouTuber’s Residence, Reside and Host Friends!

What does the Aphmau Map bring to MCPE?

Minecraft PE enthusiasts often seek maps inspired by various influencers and YouTubers. This particular map caters to fans of Aphmau, one of the internet’s most beloved female personalities. The real-life Aphmau resides in an American city, and the map’s creator designed a virtual version of her home for players to explore.

The location is equipped with all necessities for a comfortable in-game survival experience, including beds, chairs, lamps, and other furnishings.


Upon entering the map’s domain, Minecraft PE players will encounter a house situated in a field, resembling Aphmau’s actual residence. Users can walk around the structure, as well as venture inside to appreciate the interior. This space can serve as a living space for players or as a venue for gatherings with friends.


The exterior of Aphmau’s house boasts a farm for cultivating various crops and a picturesque courtyard. The map’s creator has also incorporated a horse, enabling Minecraft PE users to enjoy horseback riding. Although the area isn’t extensive, it provides a cozy environment for multiple players to coexist.


The interior of Aphmau’s house comprises numerous rooms, offering ample space for the Minecraft PE player and their friends. It’s an ideal setting for recording videos and sharing them on the internet.

This two-story building features an upstairs area that includes a roomy bedroom with two beds. The house is adorned with numerous windows, providing picturesque views of the outdoors. Players who choose to reside here can savor stunning sunsets daily.

The entire structure exudes Aphmau’s essence, with an abundance of vibrant blocks throughout. The interior design is both modern and vivid, sure to captivate players exploring this unique Minecraft PE map.

Download Aphmau Map for Minecraft PE