Every fan of the movie Avatar will be able to appreciate the opportunity to fill the game space with its characters, as well as get a lot of new abilities in the game. For this you just need to download the Avatar mod for Minecraft PE, designed for versions 1.16.0 – 1.19.51. A detailed review of this mod can be found below.

Avatar mod for Minecraft PE

Avatar mod for Minecraft PE

Download the mod Avatar for Minecraft PE and get magical powers, which will help to become more powerful in the fight against enemies. In addition, the update adds the ability to tame a unique creature in the game!

avatar mod minecraft pe 1.19.51

What to expect from the modification?

Avatar mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Just download Avatar Mod for MCPE and it will add some magical items to the game space. Fans of the movie of the same name get access to unique abilities. They can also try on magical armor and meet unusual creatures.

best avatar mod for minecraft pe

Players can reincarnate into characters from the famous story and control the nature of the block world thanks to new effects. The authors recommend activating the creative mode.

The Legend of Aang.

Avatar mod for Minecraft PE download

You need to download Avatar mod for Minecraft PE so that the block space and the Avatar universe connect. The user gets original themed items, such as fireproof armor.

In order to get hold of it, you need to enter /function armor.

avatar mod for minecraft pe 1.19

Among the new magical creatures in the block world is the bison. He represents an additional option to move around the cubic world.

avatar addon minecraft pe 1.19

Another furry creature from the movie will appear in the game, which is able to swim in the waters of the block world. This mob is friendly.

Super Powers.

Download Avatar mod for Minecraft PE

By installing the Avatar mod with this addition, the Minecraft PE player will be endowed with all the superpowers known from the movie of the same name. His attention is offered to the powers of various elements, from which you can choose.

avatar mod minecraft pe download

The /function command helps the user decide on the powers. The command /function useful_tools is designed to create items.

Avatar adon for Minecraft Pocket Edition

MCPE player can become a power wizard of fire, earth, water, and air, as well as the superpowers of the avatar himself.

Avatar’s power gives the player all abilities at once:

  • Water mage can cause a flood in a block world and breathe underwater.
  • Fire mage can shoot fire and summon lightning. He is immune to lava.
  • Earth mage is immune to earth block damage and knows how to manipulate the soil.
  • Air Mage can levitate and takes no damage when falling.

Compatible with Avatar mod versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition

Avatar mod for MCPE

Undoubtedly, each addition of the mod Avatar for Minecraft PE should be installed on those versions of the game that support its operation, because in this case, the player will have access to all the new features. Relevant information is always specified by the developers, and in the case of both mod addons (Last Airbender and Super Powers) supporting versions are 1.16.0 – 1.19.51.

How to install Avatar mod?

Avatar adon for Minecraft PE

Install the update can be quite simple even if the user has never done it before. To this end, you just need to study a brief guide and perform all the actions described in it:

  1. Downloading and Installing Minecraft Forge.
  2. Downloading installation update file.
  3. Copying it into .minecraft\mods without unpacking it first.

All ready to play with new mobs and abilities.

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Download Avatar mod for Minecraft PE for free

Use the buttons below to download the Avatar mod for free for further installation on your smartphone or PC.

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