An updated version of Baubles mod is available to download and install in your Minecraft Pocket Edition! Project team always takes care of releasing fresh mods for your game.

Baubles mod for Minecraft PE

Baubles mod

Download the Baubles mod for Minecraft PE and use interesting accessories. Before installing it, we recommend to study carefully the features of this update, as well as see the instructions for downloading and installing the APK file.

Baubles for Minecraft

Baubles mod - how to download

The character of the block world Minecraft is almost constantly in danger. Especially at night, because at this time the number of dangerous creatures increases.

Baubles mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

For protection he can use a sword and bow for close combat, and in long-range combat he will be helped by a crossbow or a trident. Mod Baubles for MCPE will be very helpful in such cases. It adds to the game a variety of items that help in battle.

New items in Baubles

Baubles mod for Minecraft PE - new items

After installing the mod Baubles MCPE the player will have rings, amulets and talismans. The user can wear one of them at a time. For example, the player can have one ring and one talisman, but not two rings.

Baubles mod for Minecraft PE

In order to put on these accessories, you need to take them in your hands and hold the cursor.


Baubles mod MCPE

In order to get a ring, the player will have to try hard. First, it is necessary to get a lot of gold to make four gold blocks. Then one diamond will be needed.

Baubles mod for Minecraft PE - how to use

And with four blocks of gold, a diamond and a gold bar the player can create a ring. After that it only remains to combine the obtained item in the workbench with any potion to endow it with a certain effect.


Baubles addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Baubles mod for MCPE adds a total of 7 amulets to the game space:

  • Magical, which drops out of Endermen and teleports all items to the player.
  • Natural, which is dropped from Enderman and Zymogor, and gives speed when on the grass.
  • Cooling. Dropped by Zymogor and slows nearby mobs.
  • Fades. Drops out of a skeleton desiccator and causes nearby mobs to desiccate.
  • Love. Discarded by the skeleton-dryer and kills nearby zombies, drowners, and cadavers.
  • Leech, dropped from zombies, and endows with hunger and resistance II.
  • Bloody, discarding zombies, as well as slowing and empowering II.


Baubles addon for Minecraft PE

Mod Baubles MCPE adds 5 mascots to the game:

Mascot type Crafting Synopsis
Powers yes It gives a lot of powerful effects.
The Angel yes It brings light.
Of Death yes Kills nearby mobs that aren’t undead.
Mobs yes Spawns a random mob every 30 seconds.
Potions yes Gives a random potion effect every half a minute.

Note that Talisman of Strength does not stack with other effects.

For which versions of MCPE is the Baubles mod intended?

Baubles mod for Minecraft PE - Crafting

When installing the Baubles mod update, you should definitely take into account the developers’ recommendations regarding Minecraft PE versions. Otherwise, the user will not be able to take advantage of all the items and abilities that the mod adds to the game world. It is important to remember that the modification can be installed on versions 1.14.0 – 1.14.60.

Download Baubles mod for Minecraft PE for free

Baubles mod for MCPE

Both downloading and installation in most cases do not cause difficulties for users, even if we are talking about beginners. Everything will go without problems if you follow a simple guide that includes two steps. The first is to download the file, and the second is to upload it to MCPE.

Download Baubles mod for Minecraft PE for free at the link below, it’s fast and safe!

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