Download Better Foliage Mod for Minecraft PE! It will especially appeal to players who want to improve the vegetation present in the block world. After studying all the features that the update provides, the player will definitely want to install it.

Better Foliage mod for Minecraft PE

Better Foliage mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Better Foliage mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition with the goal of making all the greenery of the cubic world stunning. It will transform the entire game space as a whole and make staying in it more comfortable.

Features of the Better Foliage addon for MCPE

Better Foliage mod Minecraft PE

Many users want the leaves to be fluffy and more detailed. This is exactly what the Better Foliage MCPE mod does. Now the forests and plains of the block world are different from each other. They have become more beautiful and fabulous.

3D Leaf Models.

Better Foliage Minecraft PE

Better Foliage changes the game in many different ways. Despite the graphical improvements and other interesting features, it will definitely slow the unit down. It seems that installing the mod requires a powerful gadget. Therefore, some players have divided the update into several parts.

mod better foliage minecraft pe 1.19

Better Foliage mod for MCPE replaces the old blocks with three-dimensional models that look much better. Now you can really see their depth and other fantastic features. They have become very fluffy and have realistic shapes.

Original Better Foliage.

Better Foliage addon for Minecraft PE

This version of the add-on improves many aspects of the game. Even tree trunks are now round, which was never the case in the block world. Even though the leaves are not three-dimensional, they have new, more gorgeous shapes. By the way, the grass has also been improved.

mod better foliage minecraft pe 1.20

It has become more fluffy. These minor changes and improvements are best seen in the lush jungles or dense forests of the cubic universe. In deserts and other hot biomes, however, there are also some changes. It turns out that cacti now have the same model as many leaves.

mod better foliage minecraft pe 1.17

This small addition will turn the overall desert experience into something more dramatic and push the boundaries of the game even further. Block world has a different look thanks to the improved modification of the foliage.

On what versions of MCPE does the Better Foliage mod work?

mod better foliage minecraft pe 1.18

It is always worth remembering that the correct work of any update becomes possible only when it is installed on the supporting versions of Minecraft Pe.

mcaddon better foliage minecraft pe 1.19

Mod Better Foliage MCPE was no exception to this rule. Complement the block world more realistic leaves and other vegetation can be installed its addons 3D Leaves and Original Better Foliage on any of the versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0+.

mod better foliage

Features of Better Foliage mod installation in Minecraft PE

better foliage mod para minecraft pe

The process of installing Better Foliage mod in Minecraft PE takes place in several steps, which, as a rule, do not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users in this matter.

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Checking for the availability of Minecraft Forge (if not, you need to download).
  2. Downloading the Better Foliage mod for Minecraft PE.
  3. Going to the folder %appdata%\.minecraft\mods.
  4. Launch the game.

better foliage mcpe

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Download Better Foliage for Minecraft PE

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