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Beyblade mod for Minecraft PEBeyblade mod for Minecraft PE how to use

Download the Beyblade mod for Minecraft PE and invite your friends to do amazing things together! Below you can explore in detail the main features that will be available immediately after installing the addon.

Distinguishing Features.

Beyblade mod for Minecraft PE 1

Minecraft PE player gets a large number of different features in the cubic universe. He can build various mechanisms or structures, as well as survive. However, over time, all this becomes insufficient.

In this case, a great solution is to install various modifications that complement the game. Beyblade mod for MCPE is one of these updates. It adds interesting toys to the game, with the help of which the player can compete with his friends.

Beyblade mod – what is this?

Beyblade mod for Minecraft PE

In fact, Beyblade mod is the original implementation of the spinner in the block world of Minecraft PE, which is launched using a special device. The point of the game is to run several of these toys on the arena or floor. In the process of rotation, they collide and can fall apart.

Beyblade mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The winner is the one whose toy will rotate the longest and stay intact, and ideally – displace others from the arena. This is great entertainment for a single player. However, undoubtedly, it is more interesting to play in the company of friends, then the winner will get the owner of the most “long-playing” Beyblade.

How do I get the Beyblade mod in Minecraft PE?

Beyblade addon for Minecraft PE

After installing the Beyblade MCPE mod, the player must open the inventory for creativity. It is at the end of the list that he will be able to find toy launchers. They are used to launch them. To activate it, you need to take the item in your hand and hold it on the empty space. Also, to make it easier to get these toys, the creators of the Beyblade mod for Minecraft PE have provided a special command – /function beys.

Beyblade mod for Minecraft PE 2

With its help, the user can get all the toys at once. There is also another useful command designed to simplify the use of modification – /function spawn_all_beys. As the name of the command implies, the player can immediately launch all kinds of toys in the block world. For a comfortable game, it is recommended to build a small arena of transparent glass.

With which versions of Minecraft PE is the Beyblade mod compatible?

Beyblade mod for Minecraft PE 1.16

An incredible world of entertainment with the use of special toys will become available to every player of Minecraft PE, who will install the update Beyblade mod. It is important to make sure that the installation is made on versions of Minecraft PE that support the modification. In this case, it should be versions 1.16.0 – 1.19.50 – 1.20.0.

How to install the Beyblade mod?

Beyblade addon MCPE

Use the links below to download the installation APK file of Beyblade mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is compatible with all smartphones and supports installation on Android devices.

Download Beyblade mod for Minecraft PE

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