Introducing the Advanced CCTV Mod for Minecraft PE: Utilize unique crafting formulas, assemble cameras and a controller, and explore new possibilities!

What does the Advanced CCTV Mod bring to Minecraft PE?

Within the gaming realm, players must not only construct their own homes but also ensure safety within their domain. The Advanced CCTV mod is designed to prevent any adversaries from bypassing the player and entering their abode.

Before accessing all the addon features, Minecraft PE players need to navigate to the settings and enable experimental mode.


Video monitoring serves as the cornerstone of security, and now Minecraft PE players can set up cameras and oversee the situation within the game. This is particularly useful for those engaged in multiplayer mode and running their own servers. Each player must secure their territory within the virtual world. The Advanced CCTV mod empowers players to establish video monitoring in any space.

This addon will entice those looking to protect their homes from the onslaught of rival players or hostile mobs.


The core components for video monitoring are the controller and cameras. Players can craft these items using straightforward crafting recipes or obtain them in creative mode. The Advanced CCTV mod facilitates the effortless utilization of new items in Minecraft PE. The specifics enable players to establish a surveillance system for enhanced security.

How does it function?

Minecraft PE players need to craft a primary controller and six cameras. They must then position these components in any preferred location. If incorrectly placed, players can utilize the command /kill @e[type=tv:cctv_main_control] to rectify the issue.

Cameras must be set up within a hundred-block radius of the controller.

Upon installation, Advanced CCTV mod users can activate the cameras using the RIDE button. Players must gaze downward to interact with these components. A maximum of six cameras can be used. MCPE players can incorporate additional items with a dedicated button.

Download CCTV Mod for Minecraft PE