Chicken mod for Minecraft PE

Chicken mod for MCPE

Download the Chicken mod for Minecraft PE and tame chickens and use them as transportation on a long journey through the cubic world.

Brief information about the Chicken mod for MCPE

Chicken mod for Minecraft PE download

Pet lovers will appreciate the Chicken mod for MCPE. Chickens appear in the game space with special functionality: on some you can fly, and others will become an inexhaustible source of gold for the player. And if you just want to have fun, a watermelon colored chicken will certainly raise your spirits.

Golden Eggs in MCPE

Golden Eggs in MCPE

The Chicken MCPE mod adds chickens to the game with a very interesting feature. In appearance, they do not differ from the usual domestic birds. However, it’s all about the eggs. They don’t hatch simple eggs, but golden eggs.

Using gold eggs, the player can create an infinite amount of gold and use it for vital needs. Such a hen rarely appears in the cubic universe, so the player should build a pen for it to keep it from escaping. After all, it will be difficult to find such a hen later.

Evolved Chickens.

Chicken mod for Minecraft PE

The addition will diversify the game world with domestic birds. A total of 3 new chickens appear in the MCPE game:

  • fire;
  • ice;
  • watery.

Each of them can be tamed and used as a means of transportation. Before going on a chicken journey through the block world, the player must saddle the bird.

You will need fire, ice, and water seeds to tame the chickens. The water chick spawns only in the Lower World. It will not survive in the normal world.

Blockimals addon.

Chicken mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

This addon for Meinkraft will diversify the game and add about 50 different types of animals. And they won’t be the usual chickens, sheep or dogs. Each animal will have a unique appearance.

Their colors will correspond to the textures from the inventory. So, in the game with Chicken mod for MCPE, a chicken that looks like some kind of fruit or ore block may appear.

Animals reproduce naturally. But if the player doesn’t want to wait, he can find a wandering merchant and buy a spawn egg from him. It is very expensive, so Steve will have to stock up on gold and diamonds.

What versions of Minecraft PE is the Chicken mod update compatible with?

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Now you will learn on which versions of MCPE you can install the Chicken mod. With the answer to this question should be dealt with anyone who intends to take advantage of all the features of the update. The fact is that access to them will be denied if the user installs addons on MCPE versions that do not support it.

Correct operation of the Golden Chicken addon is possible when installed on versions 1.1.0 – 1.19.50. Evolved Chickens addon will work on versions 1.16.0 – 1.19.50, and Blockimals – on versions 1.17.0 – 1.19.50.

What do I need to install Chiken mod on Minecraft PE?

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In order to install Chiken Mod on Minecraft PE and thereby diversify the block world with funny pet birds, you only need to perform two actions. First, you have to download the installation file, and then this file must be downloaded to Minecraft PE.

A guide on how the chicken mod works in MCPE