Update created to change the size of the character and the monsters in the block world. What other features does the Chiseled Me MCPE mod have? Read more about it below.

Chiseled Me mod for Minecraft PE

Chiseled Me mod for Minecraft PE

Download the mod Chiseled Me for Minecraft PE to freely increase and decrease its size in the game. This gives you more options for various missions or just plain fun.

Distinguishing Features.

Chiseled Me mod MCPE

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Ant-Man” movie has become one of the most exciting in recent memory. The idea of being able to alter one’s volumes flashed in the eyes of millions.

Chiseled Me addon for Minecraft PE

That’s why there are so many Ant-Man add-ons released in every possible game, and Minecraft PE is no exception. Chiseled Me mod for MCPE incorporates all the developments of other authors and turns them into something amazingly outstanding.

Zooming in.

Chiseled Me mod for MCPE

Players can now do 2 equally fun things with the Chiseled Me mod in Minecraft PE. You can become tiny, like an ant, or huge, like a giant zombie. Creators claim that the user can grow up to 32 times. This is possible thanks to the ant suits that the armory sells.

This magical item somehow changes the shape of the character, making it either larger or smaller. However, they are quite expensive.

Ant Suits.

Chiseled Me mod for Minecraft

If you want to become twice as big in size, you have to get 8 emeralds and diamonds. Twelve of each are required for a 4x increase. Players can get a costume that enlarges them 32 times in exchange for 64 emeralds and diamonds. These suits are beautiful and quite useful when it comes to reshaping.


Chiseled Me mod for MCPE

The abilities to shrink in Minecraft PE with the Chiseled Me mod are more numerous for some reason. It turns out that the player can get 128 times more small shapes.

User will be 4 times smaller than 1 pixel. The smaller size provides more secondary abilities. Player will dig and move very slowly because of their measurements. There is an advantage to this. The smaller the character, the less likely it is that someone will attack him.

MCPE versions compatible with the Chiseled Me mod

Chiseled Me mod for Minecraft PE - Settings

The first thing any user who has decided to take full advantage of the Chiseled Me mod should do is make sure their existing Minecraft PE versions are compatible with it.

Otherwise, the update will not work. In order to avoid this and fully enjoy the content of the mod, you need to have versions 1.13.0 – 1.19.51.

How to install Chiseled Me mod in MCPE?

Chiseled Me addon for MCPE

There shouldn’t be any difficulties with the update installation process if the user follows all of the steps below. They include:

  1. Downloading and installing the Minecraft Forge.
  2. Downloading the Chiseled Me mod directly.
  3. Copying the file without unpacking it into .minecraft\mods.

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Download Chiseled Me mod for Minecraft PE

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