Do you want to showcase your architectural talents but don’t have a suitable way to do so? In that case, you should download the City Texture Pack for Minecraft PE, which provides ample opportunities for building the city of your dreams. Let’s take a look at what else to expect from this update.

City Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Downloading the City Texture Pack for Minecraft PE will give you the ability to transform mobs, build your own skyscrapers, and try out completely new looks. Thanks to this update, the gameplay will become much more interesting.

What are the main features of the texture pack?

Now you can create your own metropolis with roads and skyscrapers. The City Texture Pack for MCPE changes the appearance of zombies and creepers, making these mobs look like office workers. Players can also dress up as a police officer, football player, or ordinary citizen.

The blocky world will become completely different after the user decides to download the City Texture Pack for Minecraft PE.


A monotonous rural landscape can become tiresome, even if it’s very beautiful. That’s why many people prefer to live in large metropolises. The creators of the City Texture Pack MCPE added some unconventional elements to the cubic world, transforming all blocks and items to create a fully modern city.

But it’s not just the objects that have changed their appearance. Even the mobs look like office workers. Creepers and zombies are dressed in jackets and ties, and villagers look more like secret agents. The texture pack is executed in high resolution, which allows for detailed drawing of blocks and objects.

City Life

This add-on for City Texture Pack Minecraft PE provides a wide selection of new items and armor. The authors of the add-on changed them, and these things look like attributes of city life.

For example, instead of gold armor, players can wear a football uniform, and diamond armor has been replaced with a police uniform. In addition, users can wear hoodies, jeans, business suits, and even special forces uniforms. Of course, bows and swords, well-known to players, are completely unsuitable for city dwellers. Therefore, now you can use such items as baseball bats, guitars, knives, and even smartphones.


But if you not only want to try on the image of a city dweller but also build your own metropolis, this option is also available. All blocks in the cubic space have been replaced with miniature parts of houses and skyscrapers.

This add-on for City Texture Pack MCPE also contains roads, pools, and balconies, so that the houses look just like the real ones.

Which versions of Minecraft PE should the texture pack be installed on?

It’s important to follow the recommendations of the texture pack developers when installing it and only install it on the versions for which this update was created. This will allow for unhindered access to new features and updated characters. Such versions include any of the following: 1.0.0 – 1.19.62.

How to install the texture pack?

There are no difficulties in installing the texture pack on your own, after which you can appreciate all the possibilities of the updated gameplay. To do this, you need to:

  1. Download the installation file of the texture pack.
  2. Run it to automatically install all the necessary components.
  3. Open the game and go to the Settings section.
  4. Select the Global Resources tab.
  5. Find the texture pack and activate it by clicking on it

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Download City Texture Pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition

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