Various commands can greatly improve the quality of the gameplay, which is why every user should download the mod Commands for MCPE, the more so that you can do it for free. A full description of the mod below.

x commands minecraft pe 1.18

Commands Mod for Minecraft PE

Commands Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Commands mod for Minecraft PE to become a real hacker, and explore an unknown and difficult part of the game. The update will allow you to look at the game process that has become familiar in a completely new way.

What will be added to Minecraft Pocket Edition by the Commands mod?

Commands Mod for Minecraft PE - How to use

Commands and command blocks have been available to the player for a long time, and only recently received them in the cubic world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. These additions would have only been handy for older versions of MCPE.

x commands minecraft pe 1.19

Nevertheless, there is still much to see and explore here. For example, some updates add brand new commands that cannot be seen in the vanilla game.

MCPE Commands Mod

Commands Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The “Commands” add-on, according to the developer, gives several handy directions that you can use to improve your gaming experience in MCPE’s blocky world.

First of all, the user should try typing /help to get help.

x commands minecraft pe

The player would see a whole list of different possibilities. For example, it is quite easy to earn new items.

commands for minecraft pe 1.19

All you have to do to do this is enter the command /give in chat. Understandably, the /heal command would restore the player’s life points. Fortunately, you do not have to pay for these facilities.

It is also possible to turn on speed and change your game mode in the game without even touching the map settings. The commands MCPE mod is perfect for anyone who has problems with the original game.

best command block commands in minecraft pe

Perhaps the best malicious command is the /explode request, which blows up everything around the user.

X Commands mod for Minecraft PE

Commands Mod for MCPE

The developer of X Commands addon offers 64 different commands that can be used to bring your rule to the player-created world of Minecraft PE. All of them are great for building multi-story buildings and many other things.

For example, there is a command to set a revival point or weather. Users can even teleport to some specific coordinates.

how to make wall with commands in minecraft pe

There’s also the ability to clear chat, zoom in and out, and more.

Overall, users get more options to define their gameplay.

On which versions of Minecraft PE will the Commands mod work?

Commands Mod Minecraft PE

Installation is not the main condition for the correct work of the update. The player will only be able to get unhindered access to all of its features when this installation is done on versions that are compatible with the mod. Speaking of commands mod for Minecraft PE, it is worth noting that each of its addons is suitable for certain versions of the game:

  1. Commands Mod – 0.10.0 – 1.19.51.
  2. X Commands Mod – 0.12.0 – 1.19.51.

How to download and install Commands mod for Minecraft?

more commands mod minecraft pe

To take advantage of all the options of the update and add variety to the gameplay is possible by downloading and then installing the Commands mod. To this end, the player needs to remain attentive by performing the following actions:

  • Downloading Commands mod file to install.
  • Launching Block Launcher.
  • Opening MCPE section with settings.
  • Going to “ModPE scripts” followed by clicking “add”.
  • Searching for the downloaded file and clicking on it.

All ready to play with the installed update!

how to use commands in minecraft pe

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