Download the Creepypasta mod for Minecraft PE, which will open up a new story of the game, where new, more scary mobs are added. Learn about the main features of this addon for MCPE and download it for free on our website!

Creepypasta mod for Minecraft PE

Creepypasta mod for Minecraft PE

mcpe creepypasta addon mcpe

Download the Creepypasta mod for Minecraft PE and test your fearlessness, fighting with creepy creatures in the game world. Benefits and features we have described in detail below.

A short feature of the addon

mcpe creepypasta addon NPC

Minecraft PE is a game that provides the player with limitless possibilities. Players need to survive here and fight with various monsters. But these creatures are quite simple and very easy to deal with. So sometimes it can get boring. In this case, the Creepypasta mod for MCPE can be a great solution. The addon will not only integrate strong hostile mobs into the game space, but also make them intimidating.


Creepypasta MCPE

The name of this update speaks for itself. With it, you can add various youtubers to the block world. But it will be exactly the evil part of these youtubers. Each of the mobs has a different number of lives, strengths and unique abilities.

Creepypasta addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition

It’s worth noting that each of these mobs has a health rating of 800. This means that killing these hostile creatures will be difficult. In this case, the attack power should be between seven and nine units.

Name Wicked Side Effect
ErrorbossGR GunnerbossGR Exhaustion
Darkyplayer Darkyplayer Weakness
Antisepticeye Jacksepticeye Deceleration
MadPat MadPat Not available
Evil Crainer Kreiner Blindness
MMonster Monster Poisoning
EvilTDM TDM Weakness
Evil Little Kelly Little Kelly Not available
Evil Little Carly Little Carly Exhaustion
Evil Jen Jen Hunger
Darko Dawko Nausea
NateMare NateWants ToBattle Not available
Ryan.EXE 8-Bit Ryan Weakness



The Slenderman mod adds a famous Slenderman to the MCPE game. It is not recommended for the player to try to fight him, as he is practically invulnerable. The creature is capable of destroying a character in one hit, dealing 100 damage at once. Slenderman has 99,999 lives.

mcpe creepypasta addon Slanderman

Most often he appears in forests with lots of trees or in the taiga at night. When you see this mob, the best solution is to just run away. It is also worth noting that Slenderman teleports faster than Enderman.

Creepypasta mod for Minecraft PE - 1.19 1.18 1.17

Compatible versions of MCPE with Creepypasta addons

Creepypasta addon for Minecraft PE

It is not recommended to install Creepypasta addons on Minecraft PE versions that do not support them. In this case, the player will simply waste time, because the updates will not work. In order to take full advantage of all the modifications provided, they need to be installed on certain versions of MCPE:

  • Creepy Youtubers – 1.10.0 – 1.19.51.
  • Slenderman – 1.16.0 – 1.19.51.

Creepypasta mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Downloading and installing the Creepypasta mod

These two simple steps, performed by the user in order, will allow you to access the content updates and enjoy all their features. The first thing to do is to download the APK installation file, which is required for further installation of the mod. Next, this file needs to be opened in Minecraft PE.

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Creepypasta mod for MCPE

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