Every Minecraft PE player looking to expand their gameplay should download Crosshair Texture Pack for Minecraft PE for free, which adds completely new features to the game. Playing in the block world becomes even more interesting with new possibilities. More details below.

Crosshair Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Download Crosshair Texture Pack for Minecraft PE to add a new feature to your familiar game. You can start using it right after installation to appreciate the new possibilities in the block space.

What are the features of the texture pack?

New updates for Minecraft PE appear almost every day. Thanks to them, you can change the appearance and texture of blocks. In addition, they provide new opportunities for the player. Some add-ons can not only change existing mobs but also add new creatures to the game that will help the hero or fight with him. Modifications can make the gameplay completely different from what the user has already seen.

New weapon elements with additional features appear in the cubic world. This time, the creators of Crosshair Texture Pack for MCPE have changed the appearance of the icon visible on the screen when the hero holds a weapon.

More and Cool

The developers of this add-on for Crosshair Texture Pack MCPE provide the option to choose from 50 different variants. To do this, open Settings when creating a world and make a choice. The user will discover a new icon of an unusual appearance during the gameplay. It will appear on the screen when the hero takes a weapon.

The add-on makes a small but very interesting change to the gameplay. It is always great when something new and unusual appears.


The authors of this add-on for Crosshair Texture Pack MCPE have also added new options for the appearance of the crosshair. It is presented in 6 different variants, and the user can choose a regular cross-shaped icon or a dot, circle, or arrow.

The corresponding option is presented in the menu with Tinctures Texture Pack. The user can also change it there.

These changes practically do not affect the gameplay. But they bring something new to it. Now there is an opportunity to change something in the game, and this allows the user to make the game space as they want.

Which versions of MCPE is the texture pack compatible with?

It is important to determine the answer to this question and only then proceed with the installation of the texture pack, which should be performed on compatible versions. This will ensure the correct operation of the update, allowing the user to access all the new possibilities. For Crosshair Texture Pack MCPE, these versions are 1.14.0 – 1.19.62.

What is the feature of installation?

Before downloading Crosshair Texture Pack for Minecraft PE and starting its installation, carefully study the instructions, which describe all the steps of this process, including:

  1. Installation of Fabric or Forge and all additional modifications if specified.
  2. Downloading the installation file and moving it to .minecraft/mods.
  3. Running Minecraft PE in the launcher with Fabric or Forge.

Download Crosshair Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

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