Appearance of new non-player characters in the block world of Minecraft to a large extent diversify the gameplay. You can get them if you download the free mod Custom NPC for Minecraft PE. Populate cubic maps with new inhabitants and have fun in their company. More update features are described below.

Custom NPC mod for Minecraft PE

Custom NPC mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Custom NPC mod for Minecraft PE to get the ability to create a variety of characters. Exploring the game world will turn into a much more fun process in the company of new friends!

What’s interesting in the game after installing Custom NPC mod?

Custom NPC mod Minecraft PE

Ordinary non-player characters of the cubic world of Minecraft PE bored many users. The Custom NPC mod for MCPE is notable because it adds several custom inhabitants to the game. It will also prove useful to map creators who want to populate their territory with different mobs.

Mod Custom NPC MCPE

Custom NPC for MCPE

Custom NPC update adds some characters never before seen by Minecraft PE users. The new villagers that will appear in the game are useless. But with them, the gameplay will become more diverse.

custom npc mod for minecraft pocket edition

At the same time, they do not take damage and can not be killed. For the creation of new characters the developers introduced special spawn eggs. The user will be able to find them in the inventory.

custom npc mod minecraft pe 1.18

Any added update mob can be given a name, using the tag. In this case, the game will have heroes with unique names.


custom npc minecraft pe 1.19

You can now make new friends in the cubic world of Minecraft PE. The update adds 6 characters to the game, and users can meet 3 boys and 3 girls. Each of the mobs has unique textures that are very realistic.

In addition, all the heroes are distinguished by their own scenario of behavior. They will follow the hero everywhere just like real friends. These creatures can be tamed with cookies, and then they will explore the world together with the hero.

custom npc mod minecraft pe 1.19.50

It is possible to rename the characters. In addition, if you hit one of them, he can be offended.

Players will find eggs to create new mobs in the creative inventory.

Improved villagers

custom npc mod for mcpe

After installing Custom NPC mod, improved villagers will appear in the Minecraft PE cubic universe. They differ from the usual ones with a higher degree of realism.

They each have their own behavioral scenarios and excellent movement, sleep, and swim animations. The game will become much more interesting thanks to the update.

custom npc mod minecraft pe 1.19.50

Mod is also notable for the fact that in addition to the villagers in the game space introduced hunters. They are custom mobs and will chase the hero after applying the command /function START_MANHUNT / DREAM.

Compatible with Custom NPC mod versions of Minecraft PE

custom npc mod minecraft pe 1.19.51

Make the gameplay more interesting and varied by appearing in the block world Minecraft PE new non-playable characters can be made by installing the update to those versions that are specified by the authors of the addons as compatible with them. Such versions are:

  • 1.2.0 – 1.19.51 for the Custom NPC addon.
  • 1.12.0 – 1.19.51 for Friends.
  • 1.17.0 – 1.19.51 for the Improved Villagers addon.

How do I install the Custom NPC mod?

npc mod minecraft pe

To install the Custom NPC mod, all you need to do is be careful with the following steps:

  1. Downloading the installation file.
  2. Opening the resulting file on your device for the game to automatically install everything you need.
  3. Launch Minecraft PE and go to the edit section.
  4. Selecting the Texture Set tab, where you need to find the texture pack and click on it to activate it.
  5. Selecting the Options Sets tab, where you need to find the addon file and click on it to activate it.

custom npc mod minecraft pocket edition

It remains to restart MCPE and you can enjoy the game with new friends.

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