Best Dinosaur mod for Minecraft PE

Dino mod for Minecraft PE

Use the Dino mod for Minecraft PE to meet huge creatures capable of destroying everything around you!

What is the Dino mod in MCPE?

Dino mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

It is known that almost all creatures that live in the block world are either the same height as the character, or lower than him. If the player wants to add huge creatures to the block universe, he can’t do it. Unless he goes to a country where a dragon will destroy everything. But the Dino MCPE mod will revolutionize the cubic world. He will complement the game space with known species of dinosaurs.

Jurassic Craft

jurassic mod for minecraft pe

Quite an interesting addition to the Dino mod that adds dinosaurs to the cubic world of Minecraft. It contains many different creatures.


best Dinosaur mod for Minecraft PE

The creature is distinguished by its beautiful skin. But you should not waste time looking at it, because it can crush the player. The indoraptor’s health is equal to one hundred units. It cannot be tamed. It is essentially a hybrid of a couple of dangerous creatures.


dinosaur mod for minecraft pocket edition

One of the largest and most popular dinosaurs that the user can tame in the block universe. It is worth remembering that this predator is tame only at an early age. If the user encounters an adult, he should rather run away.


dinosaur mod minecraft mcpe

The newest addon in Dino MCPE, which in terms of the mobs themselves does not differ significantly from other similar addons. However, it is in this addon that new ores and even remains appear. The materials obtained from the ores still have no use.

There is a theory that genes can be obtained from the remains. The player then obtains DNA to create dinosaurs, but this is not fully functional. All of the mobs eat different foods. They can also be tethered with a leash.

New Jurassic

dinosaur mod for minecraft pe 1.19

Dino add-on in MCPE is notable for its small number of dinosaurs. Its key feature is that here you can craft everything in survival mode. Such crafting requires a special block – a sifter. After that, the player can get dinosaur DNA and their eggs.

What versions of MCPE are the Dino mod addons compatible with?

best dinosaur mods for minecraft pe

Any addon included in the Dino mod update must be installed on the version of Minecraft PE that supports it. This is the main condition for each addon to work properly, as well as for the modification as a whole. Below is information about the compatibility of addons and versions of Minecraft PE:

  • Jurassic Craft – 1.1.0 – 1.12.0.
  • Prehistoric – 1.13.0 – 1.19.51.
  • New Jurassic – 1.17.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0.

What do I need to install the Dino mod?

dinosaur mod for minecraft pe

In order to install the Dino update and thereby add a lot of unique dinosaurs to the game space of Minecraft PE, which will definitely bring variety to the gameplay, you only need to perform two simple actions. The first is to download the installation file. The second action is to install the downloaded file in Minecraft PE.

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