Download and install the Doom mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition has never been easier! Our project is created especially for those who appreciate convenience in everything! Read the details of the update for MCPE and download the installation APK file of the latest version.

Doom mod for MCPE

doom mod minecraft 1.7.10

Use the Doom MCPE mod to visit the Underworld and try to survive in this dangerous place full of frightening monsters!


doom mod mc

A large number of updates have already been created for MCPE, adding characters from famous games to the block world. Naturally, it was impossible to ignore such a popular shooter as Doom.

The Minecraft block universe will be filled with a terrifying atmosphere after the user installs the update.

Doom mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The authors have added familiar monsters and updated the game maps of the cubic world, filling it with gloomy tones. Doom MCPE mod will certainly create a feeling of full presence in the underworld.


doom addon mcpe

Users will get 10 demons that can emerge absolutely anywhere in the block world. They are all endowed with unique abilities.

For example, the Hunter demon hunts characters in the Underworld.

The update adds archers, Hell Baron and other threatening creatures. Among them are those that have a strange and even frightening appearance. For example, arachnotron resembles a spider due to the presence of a large number of lower limbs.

Among demons of the Doom mod for MCPE there are flying ones. They are Cacodemon or Elemental of Pain, which means that it is worth preparing for aerial attacks.


minecraft doom mod download

The update introduces changes to the locations of the block world – the temperature in the savannahs and deserts is increased to the limit. This climate can be damaging to a character, so it’s not a good idea to visit these areas.

Snowy biomes seem quite normal, but you should stay alert, because there can be creepy creatures from hell nearby.


Doom addon for MCPE

Users can encounter several bosses in the cubic world. The most among them are:

  • Gladiator;
  • Warriors;
  • Icon of Sin.

Items and Armaments

Doom addon for Minecraft PE

Doom mod for MCPE brings some items to the game space. You can find different types of firearms, among which the super shotgun, as well as the chain gun.

The game space is also enriched with new melee weapon options – assassin’s blade and chainsaw. In addition, rugged armor becomes available.

Get them with the command /give @a cc:crate_box.

What versions of MCPE will the Doom mod work on?

Doom addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Any of the additions update will work correctly, giving the player access to all its features, only if it will be installed on a version of MCPE that supports it. That’s why the user should make sure he has versions that support the mod – 1.17.0 – 1.19.50+.

Installing the Doom mod in Minecraft

Doom mod for Minecraft PE

The process of installing the Doom mod in MCPE should be conducted in accordance with the rules, which are simple and accessible even for novice users. All the benefits of the add-on will become available to the player as soon as he downloads the installation file and then installs it in MCPE.

Download the APK file of the Doom mod for Minecraft

Doom mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Below you can use the links to download the installation APK file, compatible with all smartphones running Android and iOS.

Resource Pack

Behaviour Pack

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