Door mod for Minecraft PE will complement your game reality, it is compatible with almost all versions of MCPE, so below you can easily download the installation APK file with the addon. For now, we suggest you read the main review. In case you have any questions – write us comments.

Door mod for MCPE

Door mod for Minecraft PE

Use the door mod for MCPE to give even more protection to the buildings of the block world! A very popular addon in the Minecraft PE game world that you should definitely install yourself.

Basic Overview.

Door mod for Minecraft PE - how to use

In the cubic universe of Minecraft PE, it is possible to erect various buildings. Naturally, you need doors for each of them.

Minecraft PE game space does not present a wide choice in this direction. By using the Door mod for Minecraft PE, the player gets the opportunity to diversify the available options.

Hidden Doors

Door mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Thanks to the Door addon, very interesting blocks appear in the game space of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Their peculiarity lies in their secrecy, which is provided by the textures that correspond to the textures of various ores.

bunker door mcpe mod

The doors here are hatches, and the user can close and open them just like normal hatches. There is also a hatch whose texture is the same as that of a simple stone. This makes it possible to make your shelter invisible to others.

Bely doors addon for Minecraft

Door mod for MCPE

Bely Doors addon puts triple doors at the disposal of the Minecraft player. This is especially relevant for those who build huge structures. After all, the standard doors in the game are quite modest in size. Triple options look quite aesthetically pleasing, and take up a lot more space.

door mod for mcpe 1.19

The addition Bely Door also adds 3 new things to MCPE:

  • an iron stick;
  • a scraper;
  • spinner.

The door swivel requires a device that can spin. The iron stick is used to make these blocks, and the scraper will help remove them.

Locking doors.

Door mod Minecraft PE

If you need to complement the block world of Minecraft need doors that lock, then it is worth paying attention to the Locking Doors addon. In it the keys become available, which should be similar in color. The player can paint the doors with dyes.

camuflage door - mcpe mod

You need to press the paint to the door. The modification also has electric fences. It is a smart fence and means that it is safe for its owner. That said, it will do damage to any intruder who tries to cross this fence without permission.

Versions of Minecraft PE that support the Door mod

Door mod MCPE

Getting a door collection that includes a variety of options is possible immediately after installing the Door mod update for your Minecraft PE. The mod will only work if the player installs it on a compatible version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

more door mod in minecraft pe

To install individual Door mod addons, certain versions of MCPE are required:

  • Hidden doors – 1.1.0 – 1.19.50.
  • Lockable doors – 1.16.0 – 1.19.50.
  • Bely doors – 1.14.0 – 1.19.50.

How to install mod Door in Minecraft PE?

anywhere door mod for mcpe

Install Door mod and its addons in Minecraft PE is very easy, and it can be done by absolutely any player, regardless of his experience. First, you should download the APK file to install the Door mod, and then go into the game and install it.

Download Door mod for MCPE

anywhere door mod for mcpe 1.19

We always take care of our visitors and provide stable versions of mods and add-ons for download. Below you can download Door mod for MCPE for Android devices.

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