Want to play with the characters of the famous anime series Dragon Ball? There is nothing easier, because the Dragon Ball mod for Minecraft PE, which is available for free download, gives you such an opportunity. With his help, you can add cool characters to the game, with which you can have great fun. More details below.

Dragon Ball mod for Minecraft PE

Dragon Ball mod for Minecraft PE download

Download Dragon Ball mod for Minecraft PE and meet the most famous anime bosses and new animals, known from the anime series of the same name. You’ll also be able to fight your opponents using magical weapons!

Let’s talk about the advantages of Dragon Ball

dragon ball super mod minecraft

Creators of Dragon Ball mod for Minecraft PE (MCPE) dedicated it to the theme of the Japanese anime series of the same name, which has a huge army of fans. The update allows you to meet your favorite characters in the block world.

Dragon Ball mod for Minecraft PE download

Each of them has unique textures and sets of their own attacks. There are friends as well as enemies, as well as bosses and animals among the mobs.

Dragon Blocks.

Dragon Ball addon for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE add-on is created for fans of the Dragon’s Pearl. Players will meet all of the most recognizable characters in the cubic universe. Among them:

  • Bulma;
  • Pirate Bandit;
  • Giant Fish;
  • Piccolo and others.

A total of two dozen new creatures will appear in Minecraft PE. Each one has its own texture and abilities.

Dragon Ball mod for MCPE

You can fight the monsters using cool weapons.

Some heroes have drop, but some do not. For example, wizards don’t drop items, but can reward players for completing tasks.


Dragon Ball addon Minecraft PE

There are eight dozen custom items in the cubic world of Minecraft. They can be obtained both in creative mode and in survival mode. The authors of the update even added rare materials to MCPE. For example, Kamehame Roshi.

All items can be found in the creative inventory.

Dragon Ball mod for MCPE

There are 2 ways to get Dragon Balls: trading and fighting enemies. You can also create Wishes by combining them and using the workbench.

Goku and Vegeta.

dragon ball mod for minecraft pe 1.19

Two characters from the Japanese anime series appear in the block universe of Minecraft PE after installing the Dragon Ball mod. His fans can easily recognize them. They are presented in different versions, and some of them are much stronger. Vegeta is a boss that can defeat even the Guardian.

Also, Goku will appear in the game space. This is also a boss. Both mobs are very dangerous. Each of them has their own attacks.

Before using the Dragon Ball MCPE mod, you need to activate the experimental mode.

Compatible with Dragon Ball mod versions of Minecraft PE

dragon ball super mod for minecraft pe 1.19

All modifications are developed for specific versions of Minecraft PE, when installed on which they work without problems and allow players to enjoy an updated gameplay.

For Dragon Ball mods such versions of Minecraft PE are 1.16.0 – 1.19.51, and the addon Goku and Vegeta will work perfectly after installing on any of the versions 1.18.0 – 1.19.51.

How to install Dragon Ball mod?

In order to install the Dragon Ball mod in Minecraft PE, which adds to the game all the most famous Dragon Ball heroes, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. First, you download and install Forge.
  2. Then the installation file is downloaded, which is moved to the mods folder.

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Download Dragon Ball mod for Minecraft PE

Now you can download Dragon Ball mod for Minecraft PE for free, fast and safe! Just use the buttons below and download the Dragon Ball for MCPE mod!

Dragon Ball

[button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/dragon-block-mod.mcaddon” hide_link=”yes” background_color=”#a4c708″ size=”big” target=”_self”]Mod[/button] [button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/dragon-block-texture.mcaddon” hide_link=”yes” background_color=”#a4c708″ size=”big” target=”_self”]Texture[/button]

Goku and Vegeta

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