What does the Fish Mod bring to Minecraft PE?

Vast seas and oceans dominate the Minecraft PE game environment. Numerous players enjoy delving into the submerged depths to uncover resources and encounter peculiar aquatic dwellers. This mod introduces an even greater variety of fish to the game’s waters.

Ocean Craft

This addon remains compatible with earlier Minecraft PE editions. The mod introduces a multitude of fish species, previously seen only in illustrations. Players can spawn these creatures using eggs from their inventory. Various aquatic animals replace existing game mobs, removing witches, zombies, cows, pigs, polar bears, and others from the virtual environment. Instead, players will find a diverse array of stunning marine life.

Some creatures may be perilous, while others simply beautify the game world without posing any threat to players.


The developer believed Minecraft PE’s waters lacked predatory fish and created the Aquatic mod. The mod introduces sharks, whales, and numerous other underwater inhabitants. Additionally, players can now challenge two new bosses.

A key advantage of this addon is that it can be used without employing cheats.

Jaws and Megalodon

This mod caters to fans of large and fearsome fish. Sharks will emerge among Minecraft PE mobs, attacking dolphins and squids. These formidable creatures have 50 health and inflict 6 damage. Upon defeat, they typically drop meat and bones. Notably, the developer has replaced guardians with sharks.

Another menacing predator, the Megalodon, will also appear in the depths. This formidable fish attacks various other mobs, boasting 200 health and inflicting 16 damage.

Intriguingly, upon defeat, this mob not only drops meat but also rare treasures. MCPE players should engage in combat with the Megalodon to acquire valuable loot.

Download Fish Mod for Minecraft PE