Every fan of creepy cafe adventures and Freddy can please himself by bringing elements of this popular game into the block world. This has become possible thanks to the FNAF mod for Minecraft PE, which can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. Full description below.

FNAF mod for Minecraft PE

FNAF mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Download FNAF mod for Minecraft PE to experience real horror, trying to escape from creepy animatronics. An atmosphere of bloodcurdling fear will fill every millimeter of the block world thanks to the update.

FNAF mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

What is FNAF mod (Five Nights at Freddy’s) in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

fnf mod for minecraft pe

Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the most popular horror video games. Originally, its developer only tried to make a standalone project.

fnaf mod minecraft pe download

Now there are millions of them, so fans are creating different texture packs, specially designed maps with sophisticated redstone engineering and an awesome mod that adds new monsters and items to the game space.

best fnaf mods for minecraft pe

FNAF Universe.

FNAF CHICA - Minecraft PE

This is perhaps the most terrifying addon. The player will have to survive in a world that is full of scary animatronics.

FNAF CHICA - Minecraft PE

People believe that they are inhabited by the souls of the children that these toys once entertained. Now they prey on the player, and nothing will stop them from consuming his soul.

fnaf mod for mcpe

Fortunately, there are always ways to fight them. Users will have to adapt to the new harsh reality and look for enemies’ weaknesses.

fnaf mod minecraft pe

For example, some are slow and others cannot move when the player looks at them.

FNAF Foxi - Minecraft PE mod

Animatronic models for Minecraft PE are extremely detailed.

Dany Fox’s “Five Nights at Freddy’s”

FNAF Foxy - Minecraft PE mod

Danny Fox is known as one of FNAF’s most dedicated internet fans. He’s added a lot of content to the game, and now it’s time to bring some real horror to the cubic universe as well.

FNAF Golden Freddy - Minecraft PE mod

To that end, it now has brand new plague-like monsters that are ready to destroy all living things, including the player. There are more than two dozen animatronics roaming the world.

FNAF Golden Freddy - Minecraft PE addon

In addition, some of them emit light at night. Even the smallest and cutest creatures can cause serious problems for the careless user.

FNAF Minecraft PE mod

Almost every new mob has the ability and desire to kill the player and other characters in the block world.

On which versions of MCPE can I install the FNAF mod?

fnaf universe mod minecraft pe android

This question is of interest to users who are going to add creepy FNAF animatronics to the MCPE block world for a reason. The fact is that this will only be possible if you install FNAF mod to compatible with it versions of the game. So, for addons FNAF Universe and “Five Nights at Freddy’s” by Danny Fox, any of the versions in the range 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 is suitable.

Can I install the FNAF mod in Minecraft PE by myself?

fnaf 1 mod minecraft pe

No problems with self-installation of the FNAF mod will not arise if the user of Minecraft PE will follow the tips below. After going through all the steps, you will be able to enjoy a spooky game in the company of animatronics. These steps include:

  • Downloading and installing Minecraft Forge, if necessary.
  • Downloading the installation MCADDON-file.
  • Unpacking its contents into .minecraft\mods.

fnaf blocks mod minecraft pe

Video review of the FNAF mod for MCPE


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