New Friend mod for Minecraft PE. Download the Friend mod for Minecraft PE and stop feeling lonely while surviving alone!

Features of Friend mod for MCPE

Friend mod for Minecraft PE

While surviving in the MCPE block universe, the user faces many different challenges. Overcoming them alone can be boring and difficult, and calling friends is not always possible.

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In this case, modifications that add friends to the game can be an excellent solution. And to do this, the player does not even have to open the server.

How can I make a friend in the cubic world of Minecraft?

Friend mod for MCPE

After activating the friend MCPE mod, you need to go to the creative inventory. After that, you need to go downstairs, where the spawn eggs are, and find six new characters.

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Three of them are boys, and the remaining three are girls. Just pick up any of the new items, click on the ground, and the character appears in front of the player.

Friend mod Minecraft PE

After that, the sleeping non-game character will go walking around the world. At the same time, he is not yet a friend of the player. In order to make friends with him, you must first tame him with a cookie. By the way, you can get the cookies from the villager for emeralds.

How do I tame my friend?

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In the block world of Minecraft PE, the process of taming a friend cannot happen without cookies. It is worth noting that sometimes a character may need a lot of cookies to become a friend of the player.

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After that, only the user will have a person to help him. First and foremost, these non-player characters attack zombies, skeletons, and creepers.

Features of Friends in the Cubic Universe

friend addon for minecraft pocket edition

The main feature is that you can ride these new mobs. But this can only be done before taming them. In addition, friends can be called by different names. You should use a tag for this.

friend addon minecraft pocket edition

You can find it in various treasure houses, buy it from the local librarian or get it on a fishing trip. Then rename the tag. It should be noted that the text can be in color. Next, all that remains is to apply the tag to a non-playable character to give it a name.

Which of the versions of Minecraft PE are compatible with the Friend mod?

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You should not proceed to the process of installing the Friend mod update without making sure that the user’s version of Minecraft PE supports its work. Otherwise it will be impossible to use all the benefits of the modification. You can add loyal friends to the block world by installing the mod on one of the versions 1.8.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0.

How to install the Friend mod in MCPE?

friend mod minecraft pocket edition

There is no difficulty in installing the Friend mod update and thereby get a loyal friend in the block world of Minecraft PE, which will support the player in everything. This possibility will appear immediately after the user downloads the installation file, and after opening it in Minecraft PE.

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