Staying in the cubic universe of Minecraft with goblins will definitely fill this place with a fairy-tale atmosphere. Add to the game these unusual creatures is possible if you download the free Goblin mod for Minecraft PE, the description of which is given below.

Goblin mod for Minecraft PE

Goblin Trader addon for Minecraft PE

Download Goblin mod for Minecraft PE to add to the game space monsters that can assist in obtaining new items. Also, the update will allow for epic battles using cool weapons!

What awaits us after installing the Goblin mod?

Goblin mod for Minecraft PE

Fans of the fantasy genre will appreciate the Goblin mod for MCPE. He will add to the block world unusual monsters. We are talking about goblins, with which you can enter into trade for magical weapons and armor.

Pocket Mythology.

Goblin mod for Minecraft PE 1.19

Update will introduce not only goblins, but also other fabulous creatures. Among them are Ents, Scorpions and others.

Two types of goblins appear in the game world:

  • regular ones that spawn;
  • Cannibals.

Ordinary ones spawn in the swamp and have 32 health units. They are neutral to players. In addition, they can be tamed using gold bars.

Cannibals are more aggressive. They live on the savannah. It is worth remembering that killing the leader will cause other cannibals to no longer attack.

The update also introduces Ents to the cubic world. These are huge trees that can be seen in the dark because their eyes glow. In the caves, there will be Ettines, which are some of the most aggressive and powerful mobs.

No less dangerous will be the arctic scorpion. His health is 120 units.


goblin traders mod minecraft pe 1.19

Modification puts a goblin-cannibal mask at the player’s disposal. It contributes to the improvement of jumping. Users will also get several new weapons. Among them are a bat, new swords and upgraded armor.

Goblin Traders.

goblin traders mod minecraft pe 1.19 android

Add-on proves that goblins can be not only scary monsters, but also nice helpers. Orange and green creatures are merchants. They serve many functions in the game.

Green mob will follow Steve after he treats him to apples. The orange one, on the other hand, prefers carrots and spawns in the Lower World.

Both types of new mobs have a large number of items the player needs.

The user should get closer to the goblin and press the exchange button to get items from it. Creative mode allows you to create goblins using spawn eggs.

Compatible with Goblin mod versions of Minecraft PE

Goblin mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Any modification is designed for specific versions of MCPE, and these are the versions, once installed on which the mod works perfectly, providing new heroes, items and features. In this regard, it is recommended to immediately install Goblin mod addons on Minecraft PE versions that are compatible with them:

  • Mod Pocket Mythology – 1.16.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0+.
  • Mod Goblin Traders – 1.19.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0+.

How to install Goblin mod in Minecraft PE?

Goblin mod for MCPE

In order to install the Goblin mod for MCPE, thereby diversifying the game with new creatures and items, you need to follow a brief instruction, which includes the following steps:

  1. Downloading and installing the Minecraft Forge/Factory.
  2. Fabrics requires the additional installation of the Cloth Config API.
  3. Downloading the installation file.
  4. Unpacking the file into .minecraft\mods (for Factories 1.19 & 1.20+). For others, unpacking is not required, and the file is simply copied to .minecraft\mod

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Download Goblin mod for Minecraft PE

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