Godzilla and Mobzilla are part of the same mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition. So, if you were looking for information about this addon – the project MCPEDLEX.com already has everything!

With us you can not just see screenshots using the mod Godzilla or Mobzilla, but also download the free installation APK file.

Godzilla mod for Minecraft PE

Godzilla addon for Minecraft PE

Download the mod for Godzilla for Minecraft PE and fight the mighty titans of the monster world together with your friends. It is very easy to build Godzilla in Minecraft, now you will learn all the details about this addon, and you can also download the Godzilla mod for MCPE for free!

What is the Godzilla addon in Minecraft PE?

godzilla addon minecraft

The developers of Minecraft PE have added to the game space the main character of the comics about Godzilla. Now a huge monster (Godzilla) with incredible strength will appear in the block world. Not for nothing because of his strength and gigantic size he is called the king of monsters.

Mobzilla Addon for MCPE

mobzilla mcpe addon

The Mobzilla addon for Minecraft PE adds a huge monster (gorilla giant) to the cubic universe. Why the author decided to call the addon Mobzilla is unknown. This creature replaces the Iron Golem in the inventory.

mobzilla minecraft

Mobzilla has a gigantic size. In one hit this creature is capable of dealing up to 30 units of damage to the player.

mobzilla minecraft pe

Mobzilla is a hostile monster in Meinkraft that the player should be wary of. A health of 200 hearts will allow the player to stay alive during long battles.

mobzilla minecraft skin addon apk

Godzilla Addon for Minecraft

godzilla mod - minecraft java edition

All fans of the movie Godzilla will love this update, because it adds the main character to the game world. Godzilla mod for MCPE is ideal for multiplayer mode. The player can create a whole squad of volunteers and fight this monster.

Mobzilla Addon for MCPE

It should be remembered that Godzilla is good not only in close combat, but also at long range. He can shoot from very long distances. Therefore, Steve should take care in advance about the enhanced protection.

Godzilla and Kong rise of the Titans

Godzilla mod for MCPE

The Godzilla and Kong rise of the Titans addon adds a great variety of monsters to the Minecraft Pocket Edition gaming space. In addition to the well-known classic Godzilla, the player will have to fight with unknown monsters from the comic books. The player can recreate Godzilla’s fight with King Kong.

godzilla mod minecraft download

In addition, the Godzilla Minecraft PE mod adds a plane to the game (Yes, imagine that!). It holds up to 6 players. A sensor that tracks King Kong in the cockpit also becomes available. A countdown begins on the timer before this creature is revived.

godzilla vs kong mod minecraft pe download

The King Kong’s health is 2,520. And the damage it is capable of inflicting on the enemy is 250 units. If the player feeds him, he will grow. His favorite treat is Kong’s wheat.

On which versions of Minecraft PE will the Godzilla and Mobzilla mod work?

Godzilla mod for Minecraft PE

The user should understand that he will not be able to take advantage of all the possibilities of the modification, if he installs it on non-supporting versions of MCPE, because in this case the mod simply will not work. Therefore, it is important to install the Godzilla or Mobzilla addons included in the modification on suitable versions of Minecraft PE:

  • Mobzilla addon – 1.1.0 – 1.19.50.
  • Godzilla addon – 1.14.0 – 1.19.50.
  • Godzilla and Kong rise of the Titans addon – 1.17.0 – 1.19.50.

How to install the Godzilla or Mobzilla mod in Minecraft PE?

Godzilla mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

If the user wants to feel as a huge giant, which is considered the king of all monsters, as well as to try his forces in battles with this creature, then he should definitely install the update (Godzilla mod) in his MCPE. To do this, you first need to download the installation file from our website, which should then be opened in Minecraft PE.

Godzilla mod for MCPE download (APK)

godzilla mod minecraft bedrock

  • For Android OS
  • For Windows

Mobzilla MCPACK

[button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/mobzilla_behavior.mcpack” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]Download Mobzilla Behavior.mcpack[/button] [button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/mobzilla_resource.mcpack” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]Download Mobzilla Texture Pack (Resource)[/button]

Godzilla MCPACK

[button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/godzilla-be.mcpack” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]Download Godzilla Behavior.mcpac[/button] [button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/godzilla-re.mcpack” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]Download Godzilla Texture Pack (Resource)[/button]

Godzilla and Kong rise of the Titans MACDDON

[button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/godzilla-and-kong.mcaddon” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]Download Godzilla and Kong rise of the Titans.mcaddon[/button]

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