Version MCPE: 1.2.8 – 1.19.40

GTA Mod for Minecraft PE

GTA Mod for Minecraft PE - 1

Download the GTA mod for Minecraft PE and win over the gangs from GTA.

Peaceful life is not the thing the players can easily get here. They have to struggle for it with hostile mobs who always await to attack them. The GTA mod can bring the users to GTA San Andreas where they will have to deal with some gangs.

GTA Addon (MCPE) – Guns

GTA Mod for Minecraft PE - 2

There are two types of weapons: an assault rifle and a close-combat weapon. Instead of the standard onion and the axe, the MP5 and the chainsaw turn up.

GTA Mod (MCPE) – Gangs

GTA Mod for Minecraft PE - 3

You will come across Grove Street mobs who will attack in case the other gang will go for them. Unfortunately, it is impossible to include them in your gang, yet it would be very helpful.

GTA Addon for MCPE

Instead of the husk, there is the Ballas gang which resembles Jizzy B because of their incorrect skin. The developers are likely to fix this bug soon. The Ballas gang is the most aggressive, attacking others.

Character Replacement

GTA Addon for Minecraft PE

The neutral characters are policemen who replace pigman. They can attack only for protection. By the way, policemen here are very corrupt. Instead of the skeletons, the Vagos gang appears, having MP5 and always shooting. Luckily, the policemen can kill them when they try to attack.

Download GTA Mod for Minecraft PE

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