Version Gun mod MCPE: 0.14.0 – 1.19.40

Gun mod for Minecraft PE

Gun mod for Minecraft PE Bedrock - new edition

Download the Gun Mod for Minecraft PE and facilitate your survival in the cube world, killing the hostile creatures around you.

The manufacturers of Minecraft PE reveal several modifications every year that it is getting challenging to play in survival mode. Therefore, new weapons and armours appear.


Gun mod for Minecraft PE - 2

This DesnoGuns addon for MCPE adds new modified items, such as weapons, armour, grenades and binoculars. These can be found in the Creative Inventory.

Gun mod for MCPE new

The prominent feature of the mod is the ideal optimization which does not freeze. You need a full version to make four weapons available. Install the latest Desnoguns version from the official website.

Lasers mod for MCPE

Gun mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The mod adds three types of lasers. A red one is used for digging mines. An orange one is meant for burning things. The blue one, meanwhile, can blast something. Mind that you will need to squat for shooting. Enter the command /give @s factorycraft to get more items as there are none in the inventory.

Crazy Guns Minecraft Pocket Edition

Gun mod for MCPE

Due to this Crazy Guns addon for Minecraft PE, there are more than 25 guns appropriate for survival. You will get new swords and plenty of cannons. So, the ice sword deal 6 damage and freeze the opps. The blowing cannon strike at the owner’s head, whilst the flaming baton burns the aggressive mobs.