Download the Adorable Hamster Mod for Minecraft PE: Encounter charming critters, nourish them with various items, and acquire a delightful new pet!

What does the Hamster Mod introduce to Minecraft PE?

Everyone adores endearing little companions. The hamster mod enables Minecraft PE players to befriend amusing animals in assorted colors. Players won’t need to exert effort in creating these creatures, as the developers have included distinct spawn eggs.

All features are accessible to players who enable experimental mode during gameplay.


This mod incorporates delightful hamsters into the game environment. These diminutive, charming creatures come in various sizes and hues. Naturally, these animals pose no threat to Minecraft PE players. Engaging with these new critters is straightforward, making it easy for beginners.


In survival mode, players can encounter these amusing animals in nearly any biome, thanks to the mod. For those preferring creative mode, spawn eggs can be found in the inventory. Hamsters may be red, white, or black, with each species having its spawn egg.

Taming The mod facilitates effortless interaction with new mobs in Minecraft PE. To have the hamster follow the player, simply pick up an apple, carrot, or potato.

Additional Pets

This mod piques the interest of Minecraft PE players as it adds not only hamsters but also other endearing animals. All of them will spawn using eggs from the inventory.


Minecraft PE offers an array of wild and domesticated animals, yet developers continue to create new addons. This mod developer introduces three varieties of captivating pets into the game.

Each creature prefers a specific food type. For instance, hamsters should be fed seeds, while raccoons prefer beef for taming. To breed these mobs, players will require frogs as bait.

Furthermore, hamsters will exhibit diverse colors.

Download Hamster Mod for Minecraft PE