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Update for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) – mod Villager, which adds new villagers to your game world. One of the most popular MCPE addons of 2023, definitely recommended to download and install! In the meantime, it’s time to find out more about this addition.

Villager mod for Minecraft PE

happy villagers mod minecraft pe download

Download the villager mod for Minecraft PE to experience the updated citizens and new settlements. So, what residents are added and what changes will be made after installing the Villager addon in MCPE?

What adds the Villager mod to MCPE?

happy villagers mod minecraft pe download

Many MCPE players enjoy trading with the new villagers, while others can’t decide whether it’s exciting or not. That’s why several update developers have teamed up and created a brand new addon that completely improves gameplay. This mod is called Happy Villagers, and it’s really epic, as the villages and townships in the block world are now completely different.

Appearance of the Villager mod

Happy Villager mod for Minecraft PE 2

First of all, all the villagers in Minecraft PE have changed their outfits. Each of them now looks a little more real. They somewhat copy the appearance of workers from the real world. For example, the miners wear yellow jackets and helmets, and the shepherds are dressed in fancy wool sweaters. This means that the villagers of the cubic world have become even better and more elegant.


Happy Villager mod for Minecraft PE 3

In addition to this, their way of doing things and working has also changed. It turns out that the citizens now have a truly intricate animation. Each of them has their own schedule. Farmers will harvest their crops faster. The user will even be able to see how other workers are working on the cubic world.

Happy Villager addon MCPE

Leatherworkers, cartographers, gunsmiths and other workers look more realistic thanks to the update. Moreover, the mobs walk around their city a lot. It’s worth noting that there’s even a version for female villagers in Minecraft PE. They all have unique textures and models. In addition, they behave differently than men.


Villager addon Minecraft PE

By the way, the Happy Villagers addon strengthens the element of labor in the game by introducing priests and guards to peaceful towns. They will protect the municipalities of the block world from all sorts of dangers. Nevertheless, the player is still in demand when it comes to hard power. Moreover, these inhabitants have chats that appear as they communicate. Thus, users will hear a lot of chatter on the streets.

Which versions of MCPE are compatible with the Happy Villager mod?

Happy Villager mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The answer to this question is important for every player who intends to install the Happy Villager mod update and make the Minecraft PE gaming space even more original, because this will only be possible when the mod is installed on suitable versions of Minecraft PE. The work of this particular modification supports versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0.

How do I install the Happy Villager mod on villagers?

Happy Villager mod

Happy Villager update, like all the others, can be installed in Minecraft PE quite easily by following two mandatory steps. On the first of these, the user downloads the installation file, and on the second – installs it in the application Minecraft PE on your smartphone.


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