Inspired by the Jurassic World movies, this mod will fill the cubic universe with a variety of dinosaurs. It’s worth downloading the Jurassic Craft mod for free for Minecraft PE, in order to have a great time in a completely updated world. The main features of the modification are described below.

Jurassic Craft mod for Minecraft PE

Jurassic Craft mod for Minecraft PE

Download Jurassic Craft mod for Minecraft PE and get a chance to see real and deadly dinosaurs. In addition, you can get involved in the collection of skeletons and open your own museum.

Advantages of Jurassic Craft for Minecraft PE

Jurassic Craft mod Minecraft PE

The Jurassic period is well known as the time when the planet was inhabited by dinosaurs. Obviously, an addon with the same name will add these reptiles to the block world.

Minecraft PE users will be able to find dozens of different creatures lurking in the deserts, forests and plains of this once peaceful universe.

Some of them can be tamed. This means that the game now has giant tame monsters that you can ride.


Jurassic Craft mod for Minecraft

Raptors are the most common reptiles in the addon. The player will find them literally everywhere. Velociraptors, as they are also called, replace rabbits in the block world. They, too, can be tamed. To do this, you will need some meat. It’s worth remembering that this species of dinosaur is carnivorous. This means that they are going to attack any life form they see. They can even open doors!


best jurassic craft mod for minecraft pocket edition

This is probably the most famous dinosaur in the world thanks to Hollywood. Despite its infamous reputation as a wild animal, the player can make friends with it. Also, this dinosaur’s most awesome feature is that it can carry things. Therefore, all adventurous players must find and tame it.


jurassic craft addon for minecraft pocket edition

Another hostile species of reptile. It is not safe to be around them because they are quite vicious and want to kill the player. However, a player can tame his cub. When he grows up, he will protect him from any threat. The user will even be able to ride it.


jurassic craft mod for minecraft pocket

It cannot be found, but you can try to create it. It is not difficult. All you have to do is give a bucket of milk to an ordinary predator, and it turns into a cruel creature that is ready to kill. It cannot be tamed.


These are the smallest creatures of the Jurassic period. They may seem nonthreatening to players. But when compsognaths are in groups, they are extremely dangerous.

Compsognathus are unfriendly, but they can be tamed or simply distracted with a piece of meat.

Compatible with Jurassic Craft mod versions of Minecraft PE

Jurassic Craft mod for Minecraft PE - Spawn Velociraptor

Guarantee the transformation of the cubic universe of Minecraft PE into the Jurassic world can be guaranteed by installing the mod Jurassic Craft for MСPE on those versions of the game that are compatible with it. In this case, the user will get access to all of the prepared by the developers. Among these versions are 0.14.0 – 1.19.51.

Installing Jurassic Craft mod

Jurassic Craft mod for Minecraft PE - Spawn Ankylosaurus

Installation process of Jurassic Craft mod in Minecraft PE does not take much time, and also does not require special skills. It can be easily handled by following a short instruction. First, you need to download and install Minecraft Forge, as well as Library. After that, you need to download the installation file, which, without unpacking, should be opened in .minecraft\mods. Now you can play in a world of various dinosaurs!

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Download Jurassic Craft mod

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