Since 2009, fans of the game Minecraft has increased several times. In order to give players new features, mods are periodically released. Now you can play Minecraft both on your PC and on your smartphone. Kamii’s Door mod for Minecraft PE will come in handy for gamers who no longer want to use the standard doors. The new ones are acceptable to use when playing survival mode, as well as using a craft with a change in appearance by the Stonecutter.

Kamii’s Door mod for Minecraft PE

Kamii's Door mod for Minecraft PE

The new door options presented in Kamii’s Door mod have interesting designs and are great for use in the cubic world of Minecraft PE. That said, all of the doors are perfectly craftable as you go through the survival mission.

  • Crafting requires the use of a stonecutter or workbench;
  • The stonecutter allows you to create a carved version of the door, and the workbench is suitable for fans of classic doors;
  • There is a new recipe for the workbench.

In comparison with other mods, Kamii’s Door mod for Minecraft PE has its own characteristic features and changes that have come to the taste of many players.

Functions of Kamii’s Door mod

Kamii’s Door in Minecraft PE mod’s main function is to create new doors that are unique in design, which will be suitable for various architectural objects. In addition, it allows you to open two doors at the same time in survival mode, if one of them will be used. At the same time, the doors must be placed next to each other.

Gamer can use the stone cutter to create original, carved patterns. The workbench is the best tool for those who stick to classic solutions.

New Changes

Kamii's Door mod Minecraft PE

Kamii’s Door mod wouldn’t be so popular among Minecraft PE players if it wasn’t different from the standard solutions in the game. The following changes have been made:

  1. you can now close doors and use a lock in doing so;
  2. texture has been improved, items now work with the greatest performance;
  3. increased functionality of the crafting.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the possibility for the player to lock the house with his own key, as well as using a picklock to open it. Also, if necessary, you can use a crowbar, which also appeared in an improved version of the mod.

How to install Kamii’s Door mod?

To install the downloaded mod Kamii’s Door, it is enough to follow the standard instructions:

  1. download the installation file from a verified source;
  2. open by means of a game of Minecraft;
  3. perform the activation of the installed mod. To do this, go to the settings of the game;
  4. in world settings you need to activate the experimental mode of gameplay.

If everything is done correctly, you can use the mod in the future without any difficulties.

Download Kamii’s Door mod for Minecraft PE

Kamii's Door mod for Minecraft PE 2

To use the popular and improved mod Kamii’s Door, first of all you need to download it from a verified source. It is not recommended to choose unverified sources, as together with the mod you can install unnecessary adware applications, as well as viruses that can damage your device.

To protect yourself and your equipment, it is recommended to download Kamii’s Door mod for Minecraft PE at the link below. After the automatic download, you can proceed to the installation process and enjoy the new door styles.

The improved new mod is the optimal solution for the players of Minecraft. Here you can quickly change the appearance of the doors, give them originality. There is also a large assortment of vanilla designs that fans of classics will be able to appreciate. Also worth taking advantage of the new workbench recipe. Any option will look luxurious in the cubic world.

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