Fans of the Lego universe can add various elements to the block world that will constantly remind them of Lego. This can be done by downloading the Lego Texture Pack for Minecraft PE for free. More about the update possibilities can be found below.

Lego Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

To get a chance to feel like a hero of one of the most famous constructors in the world, you need to download the Lego Texture Pack for Minecraft PE. Users will appreciate the changes that have occurred in the game space.

Main features

Today it is difficult to find a person who has not heard or played this world-famous constructor. There are an incredible number of different sets and ways to use them.

It is no longer just a children’s toy. Lego is an entire industry that includes many diverse products. Recently, even a movie based on the adventures of one of the heroes was released.

The popularity of Lego prompted the developers of Lego Texture Pack for MCPE to transfer this famous atmosphere to the cubic world. They did it best. The block space has never been so unusual.


As soon as the user enters the updated world, he will notice how much the surrounding space has changed. The sun shines in the sky above the hero, who seems to be made of small parts, fully demonstrating the famous texture.

It’s hard to believe, but the block universe will become even more square. Many blocks look identical to the famous constructor parts. This will create a very unusual and interesting atmosphere during the game.

With this update for Lego Texture Pack MCPE, users will have the opportunity to feel part of a famous story and create something new in a familiar world.

A Rock Made of Plastic

This addon for Lego Texture Pack MCPE is complemented by a wonderful ray tracing feature. Thanks to it, the block space will look even more realistic and voluminous.

Colors and shades will become smoother and softer. You’ll want to stay in such space for a long time. The user will be interested in evaluating all the changes that the developers have made to the update.

It’s worth downloading the Lego Texture Pack for Minecraft PE to go to a new world and try to create your own unique space.

Which versions of MCPE are compatible with the texture pack?

The key feature of any update, addon, or texture pack is that it will work properly only if it is installed on supporting versions. These versions are those for which developers created a specific modification. For Lego Texture Pack MCPE, these versions fall within the range from 1.16.0 to 1.19.50.

Installation description

The installation process can be described as a sequence of actions that a user needs to perform in a certain order to access new game possibilities. These actions are described below:

  1. Install Optifine (recommended).
  2. Download the texture pack file.
  3. Move the downloaded file to the .minecraft\resourcepacks folder.
  4. Go to Settings and select this texture pack.
  5. Launch the game.

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Download Lego Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

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