Version Lightsaber Mod for MCPE: 1.2.11 – 1.19.40

Lightsaber Mod for Minecraft PE

Lightsaber Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Lightsaber Mod for Minecraft PE and fancy yourself a real Jedi in front of hostile creatures.

Star Wars fans will be so pleased when installed this Lightsaber addon Minecraft PE. Now, the players can take lightsabers to compete with opps.

Green Lightsaber - Minecraft PE

Lightsaber Mod for Minecraft PE

Yellow Lightsaber - Minecraft PE

The prominent item, the flickering lightsaber, is a must in the cube world. Its model, texture and sounds can be adjusted. In addition, you can alter the behaviour by various spells. Therefore, you can even double your health units.

Loyalty is a new enchantment effect thanks to which the sword will come back when throwing.

Simple Lightsabers for MCPE

Blue Lightsaber - Minecraft PE

There 8 types of lightsabers: blue, red, purple, Kylo Ren’s sword, etc. You will find them very handy for combating with hostile creatures. The swords deal 10 heart units. You can get the one by entering the special command and scrubbing it on the workbench.


Red Lightsaber - Minecraft PE

Due to this Lightsaber addon for MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition – Bedrock), you can gain experience fighting on the lightsabers which real Jedi did. Invite all your friends and carry out the tournaments and choose who is real Jedi among you.