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Mario is a legendary game loved by many generations! It’s a real treasure of all mankind and of course, we have for you the Mario mod for Minecraft PE.

Friends, we just recommend you to download and install this addon, and we advise you to use the search project MCPEDLEX and find addition SuperMario and the second version of the mod Mario 2 for Minecraft PE!

Super Mario Mod for Minecraft PE download

Mario Mod for Minecraft PE

Mario Mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Mario mod for Minecraft PE to make famous enemies and allies, as well as blocks and items from the popular series of games appear in the block world. It’s time to learn the main changes of the mod and the benefits of installing it.

What does the Mario mod add to MCPE?

Mario Mod for MCPE

Mario is among the most famous characters in the gaming industry. A game featuring him first appeared in the 1980s and has earned a reputation as one of the most famous games ever released.

Mario for Minecraft PE

That’s why many other games include the Italian plumber or creatures you can encounter in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario Mod Minecraft PE

The authors of mods for MCPE have worked hard to create Mario textures and resource packs, fantastic adventure maps and modifications.

Now happy players are ready to experience the adventures of the plumber.

Super Mario Mod for Minecraft PE

Blocks in Super Mario mod

The Super Mario MCPE mod adds several blocks, the number of which, according to the developers, is 9.

This means that the player gets ample opportunities for crafting. All blocks have Mario-style textures, so they look very authentic. However, there are also functional blocks.

Any of the 9 new blocks could be used as decorative blocks. But they are designed to push boundaries.

Super Mario Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Emerald block is used as the starting point of the level, the Redstone is its end.

The Gold block is a coin that can be collected to spend later. The mushroom block can be used to increase the player’s jump height. By the way, spikes do damage to the character, and flags work as checkpoints in the game.

Super Mario Mod for MCPE

Considering the possibilities that appeared in the game, it’s safe to say that players got everything they wanted to create complex maps with cunning traps and literally everything that can come to mind.

Super Mario Addon Map in MCPE

Super Mario Mod Minecraft PE

The creators of the Super Mario addon for Minecraft PE claim that they also developed a demo map specifically to demonstrate the mod’s capabilities in Minecraft PE.

It combines lava and new spikes, forming obstacles in the way of the hero. Of course, all Mario games are not without coins, so there are tons of them in the cubic world.

The castle bricks and mushroom jumpers make it look like the original games.

Super Mario Addon for Minecraft PE

On which versions of Minecraft PE can be installed Mario mod?

Super Mario addon MCPE

The Italian plumber will please all fans with his appearance in the block world immediately after installing the modification. It is important to note that the installation should be carried out only on those versions of MCPE that are compatible with it. Developers always indicate the relevant information, and according to their statement, Mario mod for MCPE will work on versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0+.

What is the difficulty of installation?

Super Mario Minecraft PE

No difficulties in the process of installing Super Mario mod for MCPE, as a rule, does not arise. Many users can easily cope with this process, even without any experience in this matter. This is possible thanks to two simple actions, such as downloading the installation file and installing it in Minecraft PE.

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