If you download the Medieval Texture Pack for Minecraft PE, you can transform the blocky universe into an amazing medieval world that you can explore and enjoy. A detailed description of the texture pack is provided below.

Medieval Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

You should definitely download the Medieval Texture Pack for Minecraft PE to transport yourself straight to the Middle Ages. You will be able to enjoy an incredibly realistic space based on one of the most interesting periods in history.

What Makes the Texture Pack Attractive?

The developers of the Medieval Texture Pack for MCPE didn’t just change the objects and surroundings to reflect the style of one of the most legendary historical eras. The altered space of the blocky universe looks realistic and beautiful.

The appearance of mobs, as well as armor and weapons, has also changed. Many items characteristic of medieval times have been added to the game.


This add-on for Medieval Texture Pack MCPE gives the blocky space more expressive lines and incredible realism. When you find yourself in the updated world, you will immediately notice all the changes that have occurred.

Cumulus clouds and a round sun have appeared in the sky. Every blade of grass is visible very clearly on the blocks beneath the character’s feet. When you approach a lake or river, you will notice that there is now animation of small waves on the surface.

If you go to a village and meet the local villagers, you can appreciate their appearance. Their clothes and eyes have also undergone changes. Now they look much more like medieval people than before. The same goes for animals.


Another add-on, but in an even higher resolution, is presented by the creators of Medieval Texture Pack for Minecraft PE. It will not only transport you to an incredibly realistic and beautiful space but also allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Not only blocks and mobs get a new look, but weapons and armor will now look very impressive. No pixels, only smooth lines and organically combined colors.

You will feel like a real knight in shining armor and will be able to embark on a long journey through incredibly beautiful territories.

Minecraft PE Supported Texture Pack Versions

To achieve normal operation of the texture pack, with easy access to all the content prepared by the developers, you need to install it on supported game versions. These versions are considered those for which the authors created a specific update. For the Medieval Texture Pack, these are versions 1.2.0 – 1.19.62.

Installation Tips

During the installation process of the texture pack, it is necessary to follow all the steps described in the brief guide precisely. They are all fairly simple and will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced beginners. First, the user needs to download the Medieval Texture Pack for Minecraft PE (installation file) and then copy it to .minecraft\resourcepacks. After that, go to Settings, open the Resource Packs tab, and choose the desired texture pack.

Download Medieval Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

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