What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition


The game’s new version improved a few aspects of the game, contributing to an even smoother and more fascinating experience. The devs improved spectator, fixed a number of bugs, and introduced some further tweaks that equate the Pocket Version experience with the PC counterpart as much as possible.

Spectator Mode

Minecraft - 2

In Minecraft PE, no in-game effects apply to the player when they are in spectator mode. Previously, a user in spectator mode was able to get status effects while not even having the ability to interact with the surroundings. From now on, if the player wishes to get an effect, they need to use special commands.

Minecraft - 4

Furthermore, if a Bad Omen effect is imposed on the player, while negatively affecting their in-game standing, it causes no raids on villages.

In addition, you no longer have to go to bed to pass the night. Another change: day and night don’t change in spectator mode in Minecraft PE Last but not least, the gamer can’t voice animations when interacting with mobs and moving on the surface of the earth.

Parity with Java

Minecraft - 3

The developer team from Mojang Studios implemented a number of changes with a view to proper synchronizing the PC and Pocket version of Minecraft

In particular, one of the tweaks concerns mangrove roots. Namely, you can now break clean mangrove roots using an axe, and muddy ones with a shovel.

The ancient city now boasts fixed animation and graphics. Another noteworthy change is that creatures now exit a Nether portal without any errors.


Minecraft PE

The Minecraft PE update features more advanced functions for the sculk sensor, which now responds to movement in powder snow and cobweb blocks, picks up powder snow, and drinks milk. Whenever liquid is added or removed, a level-12/13 redstone signal will play.


The sculk sensor no longer reacts to the disappearance of wool blocks or carpets. Nor does it pick up the user’s movements on a carpet or their jumps on a wool block.

On top of that, unmoving creatures on scaffolding and the appearance of armor on mobs during their spawning won’t activate the sensor either.

Further Tweaks


Mangrove propagules received their own sound animation. Villagers and the wandering trader can now successfully escape from angry characters.

If Steve perishes, the cause of death will now be displayed on the screen. After the death, a handy “Main Menu” button pops up in the top corner of the screen.