What’s new in the beta version of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock

The developer team from Mojang Studios unveiled the latest version of Minecraft: Minecraft PE In this update, they refined the gameplay and removed a number of well-known bugs that interfered with the experience, as well as corrected errors from previous versions.

Spectator Mode

Minecraft Bedrock - 2

A few tweaks brought in the update pertain to spectator mode. Notably, players of Minecraft PE can’t get a range of effects when in spectator mode.

Additionally, you can no longer organize raids or attacks in the capacity of a spectator.


Minecraft Bedrock Frogs

Yet another update, Minecraft PE, improved effects and gameplay elements for several building blocks. In particular, a piece of wool does a great job of blocking the sculk sensor from vibrating. The sculk shrieker will no longer summon a warden in the water.

The positions of blocks and creatures in the game world is preserved correctly if the player decides to reload the world.

Sculk Sensor

Minecraft Bedrock threes

The functionality of the sculk sensor — a block reacting to events happening in the surroundings — was substantially improved. For instance, it now reacts rather well whenever a Minecraft player consumes a liquid, opens a chest in the boat, drinks milk, or collects powder snow.

However, now it’s no longer as sensitive, not responding to movements on a carpet or interactions with wool blocks. On top of that, this sensor will now ignore any creature on scaffolding.

Technical Fixes

Minecraft Bedrock - 3

The creators of the game corrected the bugs that greatly impacted the experience and compromised the immersion in the game’s world. In the ancient city, all the buildings will now generate correctly and without errors. The issue that used to occur whenever the player threw a fishing rod into the portal has been fixed as well.

Performance-wise, the update features a lot of positive changes. The character menu now loads better and faster, and the emotions are displayed correctly. The hand animation doesn’t get lost when Steve is traveling and using the map.

Minecraft PE

Notably, the game no longer crashes whenever the main player dies from the wither effect, with the cause of death now displayed on the game screen.

In addition, the text positions in all the windows have been changed, and the rating of the goods in the store is displayed differently.