Minecraft Essentials mod for Minecraft PE is characterized by the fact that it contains many small improvements, as well as new content that can facilitate the passage of tasks. The mod is sure to help you create and expand your server in a new world. Here you can run different commands, open chests, use additional tokens. To use one of the abilities (teleport, imprisonment, inventory check, etc.) you need to drop one of the tokens. This mod is one of the expected and useful, because it opens up a lot of additional features.

Minecraft Essentials mod for Minecraft PE

Minecraft Essentials mod for Minecraft PE 1.19.40+

The Minecraft Essentials mod gives each player the necessary set of tools to properly perform a basic server setup in a short amount of time. If desired, the user can include tags, use ready-made templates, spend automatic money and get new ranks.

After installing Minecraft Essentials, the player can create their own stores. All you have to do is put a tag and use one of the 5 available templates. Minecraft Essentials mod for Minecraft PE is possible to use in an existing world or a completely new world.

Features of Minecraft Essentials

Minecraft Essentials mod for Minecraft PE 1.19.40

Minecraft Essentials for Minecraft PE has the following important functions:

  1. setting locations. You can independently set the points where the locations will appear. You can change the spawn at any time to set a specific action;
  2. tokens. In the templates, you can set your own tokens, which are needed to activate additional features: teleport to another player, set up spawns for a player, ban another player;
  3. creation pattern. Used as a supplement to the main spawn. There are several lobbies, a large number of additional lobby and teleport areas. There is an easter egg for especially curious gamers;
  4. rank system. Depending on the rank assigned to the player, a certain list of possibilities opens: some are able to fly and get more money when promoted. A total of 4 ranks are provided: iron, diamond, emerald and hip;
  5. staff tags. Another ability that allows you to act as a moderator of your own game. You can tag another player with a certain tag so that the user performs a certain set of actions.

Minecraft Essentials for Minecraft PE 1.19.40

The wide functionality of the mod allows you to customize your own world to the smallest detail, as well as make the game as interesting and exciting as possible.

New Changes

Minecraft Essentials mod involves the following changes:

  • template updates;
  • expansion of locations;
  • store updates;
  • it is possible to set up survival in automatic mode;
  • the appearance of several security features (for example, you can clear the list of players).

Minecraft Essentials addon Minecraft PE 1.19.40

If desired, the user can reset the settings and start building a completely new and unique world.

How to install the Minecraft Essentials mod?

Minecraft Essentials for Minecraft PE 1.19.40

To perform the installation, you just need to follow the following instructions:

  1. download the installation file from a verified source;
  2. perform the installation;
  3. activate the mod through the game settings.

If each step is done correctly, then there is an opportunity to immediately take advantage of the new options package.

Minecraft Essentials for Minecraft PE 1.19.40 download

Download Minecraft Essentials mod

Minecraft Essentials for Minecraft PE 1.19.40 - new changes

To start downloading the mod, just click on the link below. Beforehand, you need to check that the settings allow downloading from unknown sources. Otherwise the system will block the download process.

[button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/Minecraft_Essentials_v1_0_3_1_19_50.mcpack” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]Minecraft_Essentials_v1.0.3_1.19.40.mcpack[/button] [button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/Minecraft_Essentials_v1_0_3_1_19_40.mcpack” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]Minecraft_Essentials_v1_0_3_1_19_40.mcpack[/button]