Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

To enjoy a wide range of brand-new game features, players can download and install the next patch, Minecraft PE, on their Android-based devices. Available for players now are amethysts, spyglass, copper ore, and candles of various colors that contribute to a festive mood. 

Tweaks Brought by the Minecraft PE Update

Minecraft PE update

The developers at Mojang Studios delivered yet another long-awaited patch for Caves & Cliffs, much to the joy of the community. In Minecraft PE, players can enjoy a regular cornucopia of updated content. 

Minecraft PE Mob spawner changes

One of the most noteworthy changes concerns the generation system. From now on, Steve can discover amethyst geodes, clusters of copper ore, and other useful materials. On top of that, the creators of the update introduced several new items, including the spyglass and candles. 

What’s Noteworthy About Candles? 

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In the new version of the block game, the devs decided to complement the playing experience with new unique items for interior decoration. Gamers can now use candles to decorate any unsightly room — or contribute to a terrifying atmosphere on horror maps. In addition, this item may also come in handy for organizing a festive event: you can put a candle on a cake. Furthermore, you can dye your candle and choose from the 17 available colors. 

Monster spawner MCPE

Amethyst Geodes & Their Features 

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In the new update, gamers get to explore a unique structure called amethyst geode, whose contents will prove useful to obtain new in-game items. The structure contains fossil crystals that are highly valuable. Currently, amethysts are only used for crafting a spyglass. In the future, however, we may expect further applications of this resource.  

mob changes in Minecraft PE

Using the Spyglass 

Minecraft Pocket Edition

The spyglass is a compact object that will prove useful for almost any player. Thanks to it, everyone will be able to spot approaching enemies, griefers, or marauders. To craft one of these, gamers will need two copper ingots as well as one amethyst shard. 

Features of Copper Ore


After the drop of the new major update, players will notice another important innovation in the form of copper ore. The mining and storage system has also been changed. In particular, it has become easier for players to sort and transfer resources for future objects or items. Copper ore is used for crafting the spyglass or lightning rods.