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In the brand-new patch for the block game, Minecraft PE, each user gets to explore the world using a spyglass — as well as mine tuff.  

What Novelties the Update Features 

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The creators of the legendary sandbox game ceaselessly improve the experience, constantly coming up with new elements. In this regard, Minecraft PE is no exception. The devs introduced not only technical tweaks, but also in-game changes. Among other things, the new version includes unique mobs. Notably, players will encounter a charming axolotl. 

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On the player’s exciting journey through the block world, this cute creature will prove their loyal friend, providing support in dangerous situations. In the Nether, you can find flat blocks. In addition, the update introduced candles that can now be used for creating birthday cakes.  


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To explore unknown terrains from afar, players of Minecraft PE can use the spyglass. Periodically, various objects will appear on the horizon, and the spyglass will help Steve discern them. 

To craft this useful item, you’ll need two ingots of copper as well as an amethyst shard. Remember also that Steve will see a cropped picture when looking through this tool, an effect similar to that occurring when wearing a carved pumpkin. 



To mine this block, you’ll need a pickaxe. In Minecraft PE, tuff is characterized by a dull texture, making it difficult for players to distinguish it from other dirt blocks.  

Whenever there is tuff, there are usually also minerals nearby. That said, if you spot it on the ground, you should examine the surrounding area carefully: you may well find valuable stones and metals. 

Pointed Dripstone

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Pointed dripstone blocks are marked by an increased fragility, so it’s recommended that you don’t interact with them. Whenever there’s noise or vibration, the object swings in various directions and then falls. If the player isn’t under the pointed dripstone at this point, they will suffer tremendous damage. In some cases, the consequences may be deplorable.  

Lightning Rod  

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In the Minecraft PE patch, the lightning rod helps players divert lightning strikes, a phenomenon observed whenever a thunderstorm approaches a building located in an open area. To avoid the worst-case scenario, simply place a lightning rod in front of an object, preventing the building from getting damaged.