Minecraft PE 1.17.34

Minecraft PE 1.17.34 new features

After downloading the next patch for the block game, Minecraft PE 1.17.34, players will notice numerous changes in terms of gameplay and graphics.  

Innovations Available in the Release

Minecraft PE 1.17.34 changes

Because the build is designed for Caves & Cliffs, it contains tweaks mostly regarding mountainous terrains and caves. In Minecraft PE 1.17.34, all the changes are divided into two parts. There are a plenty of innovations for gamers to take a look at. The change log affected the overall gameplay, as well as some other aspects. 

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17.34

In the new update, the developers at Swedish-based Mojang Studios tried to fix numerous bugs that used to compromise the experience. In particular, the tweaks affected light blocks that previously forced Steve to emerge on the surface of the upper world. The creators also opted for a new graphics engine: Render Dragon.  

Updated Gameplay

Minecraft PE 1.17.34 update

As far as gameplay changes are concerned, there’s now a special experimental mode that enables Steve to try out some of the innovations that will be part of an update even before its official release.

MCPE 1.17.34 

This provides players with an opportunity to try out the tweaks of the Caves & Cliffs Part II update. Remember, however, that all the changes are in test mode and may not function quite properly.  

Structure Block  

hot fix update in Minecraft PE 1.17.34

As for the structural block, players can notice the drop of a new mode that makes it even more convenient to use in Minecraft PE 1.17.34. Gamers can now apply it to calculate the boundaries of a structure in automatic mode. To this end, Steve only needs to place blocks along the perimeter of the entire area of interest.  

Features of the New Engine

Minecraft PE 1.17.34 official version released

The transition to a new engine will especially appeal to users who wanted the block game to be realistic. From now on, players on Android devices can try out all the advantages of the new graphics engine.

MCPE 1.17.34 for android

In the Minecraft PE 1.17.34 update, the devs paid special attention to lighting and a realistic positioning of shadows within the block world, lending more realism to the entire experience. 

Download Minecraft 1.17.34

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