Minecraft PE

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In the brand-new patch for the legendary game, Minecraft PE, every user will have an even more exciting experience when exploring caves.

Changes in the New Version 

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The development team at Mojang Studios never ceases to delight fans of the block world with their creative and innovative changes to The Caves & Cliffs Update. Recently, they released yet another patch for the storied game: Minecraft PE, with a special focus on revising the generation system. As a result, transition between biomes became smoother and more realistic.

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The New Render Dragon Graphics Engine

Lush Caves Changes v2

In their new version of the game, Minecraft PE, the developers at Mojang Studios decided to test unique graphics-related features. Namely, they opted for a graphics engine called Render Dragon, able to drastically change the block world.

Minecraft PE new features

Stony Peaks 

Lush Caves Changes

The update includes a brand-new biome that resembles snow-covered peaks. But instead of snow, gamers will find a terrain of stone and gravel. This tweak made the transition between certain locations smoother. 

Introducing Candles 

dripstone fixed

Candles are the most remarkable innovation of Minecraft PE They stand out due to the incredible amount of light they emit. Note also that you can place as many as four candles on one block. Additionally, players can put candles on a cake, which enables them to organize festive events.

Minecraft PE - new features

To craft a candle, Steve will require honeycomb and string. The former can be obtained from bee nests using shears. After crafting, you’ll get a most ordinary candle. Afterwards, you can give the item an interesting look by painting it. To this end, you need to combine it with the desired dye in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Amethyst Geode

Minecraft Pocket Edition v amazing changes

On their journey through the block world of Minecraft PE, gamers may encounter a rather impressive structure. It’s a ball of purple hue emitting a white glow known as the amethyst geode. It has three main layers: inner, outer, and hollow. The outer one contains smooth basalt. 


The middle layer consists of calcite. And inside this structure are amethyst blocks, amethyst buds, and budding amethysts. Steve can extract these valuable resources even with his hand.


Minecraft Pocket Edition v ore changes

Another brand-new item in Minecraft PE Thanks to the spyglass, players now have the opportunity to explore their surroundings more efficiently in spite of distances. 

Minecraft Pocket Edition

To obtain this item, you’ll need two copper ingots and an amethyst shard, found at the same height as iron ore.