Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

While playing the new update of the block game, Minecraft PE, each user can fully enjoy exploring all the new opportunities offered by the multi-noise world. Furthermore, Steve can now use a spyglass for observation.

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What Changes the Patch Brought

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One of the main changes in the new version of the block game is an improved generation system, available through the multi-noise world option. Thanks to this novelty, in Minecraft PE, all biomes became more attractive, and the entirety of the cubic world grew far more enthralling. 

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In particular, the patch fixed bugs and problems that may have previously occurred near certain biomes. On top of that, you will perhaps notice a smoother transition from one area to another as far as the formation of locations is concerned.

Stony Peaks  

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The new Minecraft PE update introduced a new unique biome: stony peaks. Players will find this breathtaking location in the middle of mountainous terrains. The stony peaks biome is surrounded by canyons, cliffs, and hills. 

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These additions transform the entire landscape of the block world. However, they also make it difficult to move around. The main advantage of the new location is its huge and practically inexhaustible treasury of valuable resources.

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The New Graphics Engine & Its Features  


In Minecraft PE, the developers switched to a new graphics engine. Render Dragon renders all entities of the block world more appealing, with the majority of the improvements relating to biomes. Even the most ordinary mobs received improved textures. As for natural objects, these now look nothing short of mesmerizing and are even more exciting to explore than ever before. 

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Other Changes in the Block World

In the new version of the game, users will notice changes affecting generation below ground level. Players now have the opportunity to explore even deeper caves.