Minecraft PE 1.17.40

Minecraft PE 1.17.40 update

By downloading the brand-new build of the storied game, Minecraft PE 1.17.40, on your Android device, you’ll get access to exploring the refreshed cubic world.  

Exciting Innovations

Minecraft PE 1.17.40 mobs

The development team dropped their new build for Caves & Cliffs that will unfailingly impress fans of the block game. The Minecraft PE 1.17.40 patch includes a range of changes that mainly affect caves and mountainous terrains. 

bag and fixes Minecraft PE 1.17.40

On top of that, players will surely appreciate the fact that mining resources in caves has become a more entertaining procedure. The build also features new mobs, blocks, and biomes.  

Stony Peaks

Minecraft PE 1.17.40 new changes

Among the new locations, it’s the stony peaks biome that deserves special attention.Gamers will notice this picturesque area while traveling over the surface of the familiar world. 

Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.40 Released

By introducing stony peaks, the development team tried to eliminate the problem associated with temperature drops in a number of biomes. Previously, players could be faced with dramatic temperature jumps between cold and hot locations.  

Minecraft PE 1.17.40 global changes

Features of the New Engine

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17.40

The new graphics engine is another exciting change in the game. By switching to Render Dragon, the creators of Minecraft PE 1.17.40 managed to significantly improve the graphics of the block game. In future updates, the Swedish development team intends to introduce further changes to the game’s graphical aspect using this new engine.  

Generation-related Tweaks

Minecraft PE 1.17.40 apk

Many fans of the game know full well that at level zero of the cubic world has contained bedrock. When in survival mode, this block is virtually unbreakable. However, players of Minecraft PE 1.17.40 have a fascinating opportunity to explore even lower depths. 

MCPE APK 1.17.40

After reaching level zero, they may encounter deepslate. This block is even more durable than stone — and harder to break. But this is exactly what makes mining more realistic. After all, if you go lower in the real world, digging becomes a great deal more difficult. 


MCPE 1.17.40

On their journey through caves in Minecraft PE 1.17.40, Steve may well encounter a purple structure called amethyst geode. It has three layers, the most attractive of which is the inner hollow layer that contains clusters of amethysts. In the process of their destruction, amethyst fragments emerge that can be used for crafting the aforementioned spyglass.

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