Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18.12

MCPE 1.18.12

After downloading and installing the Minecraft PE 1.18.12 update on their Android devices, players will get to meet the inhabitants of the swamp biomes, get froglight blocks, and explore caves as well as other diverse locations.  

Changes in Minecraft 1.18.12 After the Update

Minecraft PE 1.18.12 APK  

The developers at Mojang have released yet another version of the block world game, which, just like the previous ones, is sure to please gamers with a whole range of improvements. The patch features new unique locations for The Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update. The build also includes new textures and tweaks to the behavior of certain mobs.  

Changes in the World of Frogs

Minecraft PE 1.18.12 mobs

Aficionados of the block world already know the characteristic animations and sounds of frogs. In the Minecraft PE 1.18.12 update, these swamp dwellers will also help the after in the production of unique glowing blocks known as froglight. It’s worth noting as well that the update changed their texture a little bit. In addition, the blocks no longer rotate randomly. 

Minecraft PE 1.18.12 sea

The new froglight substance is a decorative glowing block that comes in ochre, verdant, and pearlescent. To get one of these, you’ll need to lure an amphibian and feed it with magma. After the creature absorbs it, a glowing cube will emerge. 

Apart from the frogs themselves, swamp biomes are also inhabited by tadpoles, who live exclusively in water. On land, they immediately die.  

Changes to Biomes

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18.12

Fans of block mountains and caves are in for exploring the most diverse landscape in Minecraft PE 1.18.12. In this version, the developers approached their usual work o landscapes very seriously. They said that to while creating this picturesque location, they drew inspiration from real world-world caves. 

Minecraft PE 1.18.12 - 2

Players should also visit the dripstone cave, a spacious area worth of long exploration. And in lush caves, you can enjoy an amazing plant world full of glowing vines. In dripstone caves, gamers can acquire copper ore. Another important change regarding caves concerns the generation of water: it has become more uniform, and you can instantly notice it when playing.  

What Else is New?

Minecraft PE 1.18.12 sea

Minecraft PE 1.18.12 includes a lot of little modifications. Notably, you can now change the appearance of trees with a fishing boat depending on where the individual characters live in the game world. Additionally, clerics no longer offer glowstone dust: instead, they possess glowstones.