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After installing the new update Minecraft PE, fans of the block world get to enjoy new textures, swamp dwellers, and unique glowing blocks.  

What Updates Await Players in the Latest Version

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Mojang Studios developers always do their best to improve the gameplay by adding numerous different updates. In each version, new details are added that affect the entire block world. 

In Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs Part II, the creators tried to eliminate bugs that previously interfered with the experience. Players will notice that the textures of some items now look much more compelling. The behavior of certain characters has also undergone modifications.

Changes in the World of Swamp Dwellers


As you travel through the blocky world, swamps stand out thanks to their beauty. There are many of these in the game world, and they are home to a great variety of inhabitants. Among other things, players may encounter frogs. Just like in real life, their huge population originates from tiny tadpoles.

The creators of the Minecraft PE update have achieve the most realistic appearance possible. If a tadpole gets on land, it will make a jump after a while and die afterwards. And if you want to catch one of these creatures, use a bucket. 

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The block world’s frogs, on the other hand, can run, jump around, and quietly move on land. They can also lay eggs. Since adult specimens reside in different biomes, frogs may vary in appearance depending on the location.

Another unique novelty of the Minecraft PE update is the unique blocks that you can get from a frog called froglight. These come in three shades: ochre, pearlescent, and verdant. You’ll need an amphibious creature to acquire one of these, with magma as bait. Once a frog consumes the magma, it will produce a glowing cube.

Modified Textures

Minecraft Pocket Edition

The team put considerable efforts into making the textures better. The following textures have become more attractive in Minecraft PE

  • Berry vines;
  • Campfires;
  • Item frames;
  • Signs;
  • Doors. 

Further Changes 

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Among other things, the new update brought about changes in village life. In particular, the bargaining characters no longer voice rejection whenever a deal doesn’t go through. Gone as well is the emerald-colored mark that used to float over locals’ heads when trading. 

It’s also important to note that iron golems now only attack users with bad reputation. Mobs now have different abilities for destruction depending on their health level.