Minecraft Pocket Edition

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After downloading the new version of the storied game, Minecraft PE, to their Android devices, users get to mine unique ore and use amphibians to get froglight. Gamers can also search for special blocks that capture sounds.

What Changed in MCPE After the Update

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The developers never cease to bring fans of the block world joy with updates that polish and enhance the entire experience. The brand-new update, Minecraft PE, is no exception in this regard either. 

Players will now be able to use new special blocks created by frogs, called froglight. On top of that, the new patch includes a range of improvements related to the technical side of the game.

Changes in the Cave World

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In Minecraft PE, cave biomes are incredibly uncommon and diverse locations. Their expanses are chock-full of valuable resources. In dripstone caves, you can mine copper ore, while lush caves will unfailingly captivate you with the luster of their glowing vines. 

With the update, the developers also modified the landscape, making nature in the block world even more realistic. For instance, there are much more spruces in groves. Beyond that, we have to give the devs special credit for introducing changes smoothly and not abruptly, ensuring they fit perfectly into the already-existing game world.  

Changes Concerning Swamp Dwellers

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This biome of the game block world is home to several varieties of mobs at once, including:

  • Frogs. They can procreate;
  • Amphibians. Players can help them breed;
  • Tadpoles. These little creatures only reside in aquatic environments. They die on land. Steve can catch them with a bucket.

To get new blocks, simply feed frogs with slimeballs.  

New Exciting Blocks

Minecraft PE 5

After the Minecraft PE update, amphibians can provide gamers with a new kind of block called froglight that is instantly recognizable thanks to its beauty and comes in three bright shades: ochre, verdant, and pearlescent. For the frog to produce it, you’ll have to attract the creature with magma.

The other blocks can be found in caves. In particular, you may encounter sculk shriekers with various functions. Normally, they serve the following purposes:

  • Responding to motion by signaling;
  • Alarm system for your home. 

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Technical Improvements  

The Minecraft PE patch features several bug fixes. Users can now use the invite-to-game button even if the gameplay is paused. In the store, rankings and offers will now be displayed correctly.