Should gamers install Minecraft PE on Android devices, they uncover a new way to produce traps that are made of blocks of sculk. Also, users may obtain froglight, snatch frog larvae out of the water and utilize the goat horn.

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The development team continues to release updates to the second part of Caves and Cliffs. These patches fix errors and bring in intriguing content that makes the game’s world even better.

New blocks that are available in update?

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The creators of the recent Minecraft PE version chose to brighten up the game world a bit with multicolored blocks that are glowing due to luminous amphibians. Such assets are only available to players due to the assistance of mobs that dwell in the waterlogged areas. Steve should nourish amphibians with magma to retrieve the froglight.

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There are tons of luminous sculk blocks in the deep dark. Certain versions may be utilized as the foundation for crafting sensor traps. Moreover, it is worth noting that the blocks can operate both to receive signals, and to broadcast them. While sculk shrieker possesses a distinctive quality, which lies in its ability to impose a darkness effect.

Minecraft PE mobs

Mob exceptional features

In the mountainous locations players may encounter goats. They possess precious horns. Users can obtain its horn upon a goat’s collision with a firm surface.

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The swamp biomes of the block game world are habituated by tadpoles. They come as tiny beings that exclusively reside in an aquatic environment. They grow into larger and full-fledged frogs after some time. Finally, it should be also mentioned that tadpoles can be captured out of the water, however, you should not fail to take a bucket with you for this purpose.


The game employs good-quality animation to depict swamp creatures. This is evidenced by the leaps the amphibians perform, along with the signals they make. They have turned out to be more realistic.

What other changes are there?

Minecraft PE new changes

The studio of developers has improved the game process. The creators patched a bug that was apparent when mobs were passing through a door. Steve gained the ability to position paintings on various blocks.