Once Minecraft PE is installed, Android gamers have the opportunity to go through the Dripstone caves finding a large number of aquifers. During the game, a user will get to use selected commands and investigate all mysteries.

mcpe new features

Features of the Minecraft PE build


While improving the block game Caves and Cliffs, the development team made an effort to eliminate the crashes that were previously observed in the gameplay. The devs, among other things, eradicated several bugs, as well as polished the gameplay. Creature behavior also has been changed, as well as certain commands.

Biome peculiarities in the game

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Numerous locations have emerged within the Minecraft PE, as users may notice. Contributors of the build do not cease to implement new territories. The new terrain looks extremely authentic and fits perfectly into the existing type of landscape.

changes in the mcpe world

Dripstone caves can also be found among the biomes, where you can find plenty of handy blocks. The copper ore can be easily retrieved here, and the aquifers can also be spotted in the area. Those are displayed in the form of very unusual huge reservoirs.

mcpe allay

The aquifers can be home to hostile creatures. Thus, while exploring such a place one should exercise extreme caution.

Specifics of mobile objects


In this version of the game, it is possible to run into all sorts of frogs. The shade of their skin is influenced by the type of locale where they reside. Slime blocks enable players to farm these creatures.


For an amphibian to reproduce, it is essential to nourish it with a block of slime. The creators of the game brought some changes to the existing mobs. Shulkers no longer occupy an entire block, if it already has one creature.

Blocks and items characteristics

Minecraft PE - village

A handful of players have already experienced the unusual varieties of sculk blocks in Minecraft PE A decorative frog, that can possess three basic shades of skin, is also featured. Obtaining these blocks will require feeding the amphibians with magma cubes.

Changes accessible in the mcpe

Minecraft PE

The developers of the beloved Swedish studio do not cease to enhance the technical component of the block game. The new build fixes team errors while adding never before seen loot.