What new things the Minecraft update brings?

Minecraft PE mobs

The devs at Mojang Studios regularly deliver patches enhancing certain elements of the game on a regular basis. In Minecraft PE, the change log includes tweaks to multiple mechanics and other gameplay elements. Notably, the patch renders the game’s crafting system more well-though-out and intelligent, as well as brought construction materials and brand-new biomes to the game world.

Mangrove Swamps

Minecraft PE

These are located in warmer places, characteristically of any swamps. Here, players can see bees and frogs, creatures typical of the game’s warm locations. In Minecraft PE, this particular area is covered with a thin coat of mud, so make sure to wear the best shoes while exploring these swamps.

Gamers get to take fascinating boat rides between and under the expansive roots of mangrove trees. This biome defines picturesque and provides quite an unusual gameplay experience.

Mangrove Tree

Minecraft PE - 2

You can only find this type of tree in the mangrove swamps biome, a novelty game location. Thanks to its roots being various blocks, this tree is absolutely unique. These trees boast really rich roots. On top of that, players can now try out a new and unique sapling acquisition mechanic.

To grow your own mangrove tree in Minecraft, players will have to take out a propagule from one of the already-existing trees. Importantly, simply breaking the tree’s leaves won’t do for that purpose. To ensure the tree actually begins growing, the player first needs to properly plant it.


Minecraft PE - 4

Mud is a new material suitable for construction, repair of various structures, and landscaping. To acquire a mud block, you have to use a water bottle on a dirt block. Additionally, clay be acquired by using a clay block.

To this end, place a dirt block above a block that has a stalactite underneath. Over time, the former will absorb moisture from the latter, converting it into clay. Last but not least, you can turn mud into bricks, which you can use to build structures later on.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

You’ll probably be aware that in Minecraft 1.18, there was not a single way to acquire clay without enabling mods.



The warden was originally introduced at Minecon 2020 and is a brand-new belligerent creature. Before its appearance, there were no blind mobs in the game. Instead of ceaselessly stalking Steve as done by almost all aggressive creatures in Minecraft PE 1.18, this beast resorts to its own unique abilities that help it detect vibrations in the environment.

Whenever a player stomps, breaks something, or hits the warden, the latter will detect the resulting vibration and engage in a fight. To evade a fight with this dangerous beast, it’s recommended to throw snowballs or shoot arrows in random directions as a distraction.

The Allay

Minecraft PE - 5

After winning the community mob vote, the allay made its way into Minecraft The flying is the definition of “cute” and is very much appropriate to the game’s style.

This mob will gather items off the ground and take them away with it, later leaving them near the jukebox and performing a dance beside it.